Friday, November 20, 2009

So The Cat IS Alive

That's right dear people, Edy is alive and kicking if not somewhat in a rut. There has been a distinct lack of blogging and the reason is rather simple. There isn't crap for me to write about at the moment. Sure I haven't exactly been sitting on my ass. I have been very busy in game and out with real life work (trying to get back in the habit of sketching is currently kicking my ass). That said, game-wise its been the same old same old for the most part. There has been new gear gotten over the past two weeks which I am excited about (got my tier 4 piece bonus and I am dying to see how it performs in a raid though I am sad I spent all my badges on pants and a chest only to get my first trophy from a 25 TOC just as the time ran out on returning my pants to the vendor). I got the gun and crossbow from 10 TOC the week before and am pleased with the boost that gave me in DPS in addition to the one handers I now own. I've been experimenting with BM and SV numbers in raids over the past weeks as well and am more than pleased at how well BM is doing since its long sickly recovery. Even thinking about maybe going back to that as my main raid spec but I still have a little tinkering to do and am also waiting on the hunter changes in 3.3 to see if thats even more of a boost to me.

Ty has been sort of collecting dust of late due to my hatred of PUGing raids. Its not that I don't like running with new people, I actually enjoy it when its a nice group and cool people. PUGing is hardly ever that pleasant and since I really don't play her enough to completely care about her gear I have elected to keep her open and fresh for random guild needs. Poor girl got stuck in heal mode for a while so it was nice to oil up the axe with some blood yesterday in a guild run of Utgarde. Even the ret death aggro was nice to feel after such a long break from DPS and also made for some good practice for our learning tank and druid healer.

My lower girls Bell and Annie G have been trucking along to get to cap and max professions. Bell is sitting at 56 and Annie 69 and as they grow I begin thinking about the paths I want to take them down at cap and if I wish to deal with the whole progression thing on them or just use them for my profession and money needs. Time and fun make up minds so it remains to see what will come of that.

Thats all for the time being. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to take up your precious internet time.