Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stay a while and listen.

Wow its been a good long minute since I posted something here.  Unfortunately for the wow folks (not that I had WoW folks) this isn't about wow.

For those who've been under a rock, there is this little game called Diablo III and it came about earlier today.  I've played about 7 hours worth of the game and am in love with it.  There is a problem with the game though.  Its online only and, well, the servers are a bit wonky.  Now, is this something that bothers me?  Not really.  The game is mine now.  It will be there for me when the servers go back up.  Am I mad it's had some problems?  Nope, I expected them.  Will I rage I can't play?  Nope, because I don't really mind a bit more of a wait on a game I have been looking forward to.

So why am I bringing this up?

Honestly, it has nothing to do with my personal feelings on the matter.  I think the game is great and I don't mind having to wait for them to get things stable.  What makes be bring it up is the high amount of nerd rage on the Blizzard forums for refunds and so on and so forth for things that are known and announced issues.  Some I do understand.  Some people are having installation issues.  Are they Blizzard's problems?  I have no idea.  I have never really had a problem with a digital download I couldn't fix on my own with a little brain power and reading.  I could understand the frustration such a problem could present though.  Is it a reason to flip out and throw profanity around like rice at a wedding?  Not in my opinion.  Things would go a lot smoother if people would calm down a bit and post problems in a better manner.


Ahem *clears throat from raging*

Example 2: I pre-ordered the game some days ago and I've never been able to get the thing running.  It's stuck at 70% for the digital download and I am at a lost as to what to do about it. (list of things tried)
Maybe you could offer people like myself a refund or possibly a disk copy of the game to make up for this issue if its on your end.  It's really disappointing how poorly this release has gone so far.  I hope you are able to resolve the issues soon I was really looking forward to this.

Now dear reader, which would you rather respond to?  Better yet, which of these is more likely to get a helpful response.  The people that work on these things are indeed still people.  You can't get help if they dont know your problem.  You will not get help if your information, no matter how detailed, is surrounded in hateful venomous speech.  Why waste your time and somebody else's day on being hateful?  I have never understood this method of thinking.

No I am not a Blizz fan girl.  Does the server issue irritate me?  Sure it does.  I want to play too.  I just dont see how giving yourself a stroke raging is going to make the game work any faster.  I say get something cool to drink., read a book or something, go for a walk, hell take a nap.  Calm down and let things flow.  Life is far too short to get pissy about stupid things.  Especially a video game and is on launch day.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When It All Falls Down

Some years are better than others. Sometimes things go really well for you and others they don't. I've been fortunate for the last few years. Things haven't been great but they weren't horrible either. So as the year has gone on I have to admit I am a bit weary from the string of expensive bad luck I've been dealing with.

First my monitor died earlier in the year. Now as irritating as this was it wasn't the worst thing in the world. I got a new monitor and things were moving along swimmingly for a good deal of time. Thinking my luck was looking up and really wanting something new on my baby, I bought a G11 keyboard. This was lovely for 2 weeks until my PSU died a slow death on me.

So I take the money I was saving for various things and buy a new one. Not the best in the world but it seemed to fix the problem. That seemed to be the end of the problems with my own PC for the time being. However my father's fell to a horrible virus over the summer and then my TV died in a power surge a month ago.

Thinking all was fine after I got that replaced my computer finally kicked the bucket 2 weeks ago. That wasn't so bad I guess, that is if I hadn't bought Cata already and had many many things I hadn't had a chance to back up on that computer. Still my Dad's worked and it was good enough for a while. So two days ago I get a new system as an early Christmas present and things seemed to be on the up and up for me. I get it all hooked up and everything restored and pop in the newer PSU I'd bought and my old video card cause its still working very well. All was glorious in those hours. Until last night.

Last night the card started crapping out on games. First in Fallout NV at a certain point in a dialog with a quest giver which really didn't send up many red flags. The game has its own glitches so I exit and try again only to have it lock on the exact same spot, this time locking my system completely. I start to panic but all wasn't lost right? I'd just been in WoW and everything was fine so it should still be right? Well lets just say that since then I haven't been able to log in on my brand new toy for longer than 20 minutes all day. Now I hadn't given up completely so I try my stock graphics in my mother board. I can't even run Cata with that.

So what do I do? I mean so far it could be something with windows 7 but that's not really the issue and I know it. Perhaps this string of events its just telling me to leave electronics alone. Maybe its even a sign that my time in Azeroth should end. I dunno what to do to be honest. I could be something with a win 7 update or it could be my card. Either way the deck is stacked against me.

That said this may be my last blog post ever here. If it is, it been fun. I've enjoyed ranting with the handful of you that have read my work. I apologize for my lack of post in the past months but life is greater than banter sometimes. Keep it fun guys.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Time They Are A Changing

Or rather the times they have a changed already.
The big class changes patch dropped last week and though I haven't taken the full amount of time I probably could have checking out the changes I have to say I am liking what I have seen so far pretty well. But before I get into what I do like I think I should get the bitching out of the way about the things I don't.

To start with I absolutely hate the Blizzard raid frames. Don't get me wrong, it was terribly nice of them to squeeze that in there but the things are more in the way than anything for me. I don't use the Blizzard stock frames for anything and I haven't for a long time. I'm not knocking them for being there but they just don't fit the layout I have for my UI theses days. I think they should have put an option in to turn it completely off rather than just a hide button that still shows a hideously big tab on the side. I haven't seen a way to move it either (not that blizzard's UI options have ever been movable without 3rd party help from what I have seen) but that would also be something nice for them to add in the coming expansion. That's about the only change I haven't liked so far.

The Blizz power auras have turned out to be pretty nice even if I am still getting use to them and what they mean. They provide a good start but it would be nice if they were customizable in some form like the addon they are based on but since they aren't they still work well with the original add-on for me. Overall I like them.

Now the thing I have been spending the most time on is getting use to focus on my hunter. I was one of the hunters that was completely hyped about losing mana and so far I still feel the same way. Its taking some getting use to but focus is working out fairly nicely for me. I am enjoying the more complex BM rotation (yes I went BM did you have any doubt I would) and also the new pet abilities. I cant even begin to express how nice it is to have such a large pet stable now. One thing I am missing I wasn't expecting to is my volley. I mean it was really only useful in WOTLK but as AoE heavy as Wrath has been it kinda sucks not being able to do a nice AoE like all the not as cool as me kids. Two places I came across that it really sucked badly in were the cleansing chamber going to Prof Putput himself and the damned gates in strat when I was farming something. Since our AoE is dependent on range AND explosive trap things that don't trip traps leave us a bit screwed. So I get to stand there and feel completely useless as I watch Snuggles spaz around the screen like a real kitty does and make random comments in vent. I am sure I will get used to things again though. Volley was fairly crappy in BC and so was rarely used and I am sure I will forget all about it once I am out of AoE fest Wrath for good. On the other side of the AoE spectrum, explosive trap and multi-shot proved way more effective than I was expecting in my raid last week. I wasn't as high as I used to be but I wasn't too far behind it either.

As for my other toons, I haven't taken the time to sit down with anything other than my DK at the moment. I've specced my paladin, warrior, and shaman as well but just haven't wanted to get into them just yet so I will give more updates as I do.

What I have been doing a lot of is enjoying how much better things are running for me in game now since the patch dropped. The water and updated graphics in some areas have been a welcome change for me as I often find myself wandering the landscape just to pass the time and get my memories in before they all go away. Sure the looks don't have all that much to do with how I play but you have to admit for a game that's nearly 6 years old, warcraft is covering her gray hairs very well. Still would be nice to get some character model updates but I can't complain too much about that.

All in all this has been a fun patch for me and given me a nice boost in my lagging desire to play these days.

- Eds

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling the Age Gap

I've been feeling my age for the past few weeks. No I am not yelling about "those darned kids" yet but I feel close to it. No this isn't exactly a WoW related post but WoW does play a part in why I feel this way. What has me feeling the gap is my views on entertainment and what it should and shouldn't do for me. Now what exactly do I mean by this? Well its simple. I see that my tastes in games, movies, music, and the likes are much more demanding than those younger than me it would seem. I prefer the quality of my entertainment products to the flashy, overly marketed package most things try to pass off as quality these days.

Now its not like I just starting thinking about this for no reason. A podcast I was listening was the trigger for me when they brought up teenage relatives and how they want more gore and in your face graphics in their horror movies. Now at first I just ingested this statement and thought about it quickly and found I agreed with it for the most part. I didn't really dwell on it though, so that podcast came and went and I didn't think about it again for a while. But its like that statement flipped a switching that was partly on to completely on and I started to actually pay attention to comments on various media I was using. For example, I was in Dalaran watching trade as I chatted with some guildies and somebody popped up and asked if anybody remembered Q-bert. I was surprised by not because of the normal trade banter on my server but rather because Q-bert wasn't the kind of game someone after a certain age would know about at all unless they were some sort of collector or game historian. Keeping this short, I whispered the guy and we had a little chat and he was indeed older than me and though neither of us really got into the old "new verses old" game debate the feeling still presented itself.

Next up is looking at my love for horror movies. I was watching a Cronenburg movie that was from like '79 and out of curiosity I started reading viewer comments as I waited for the movie to load. One of the first things my eyes landed on was a post by somebody that said they couldn't get into these sorts of old movies. First thing that clicked in my mind about this was even though I am a child of the 80's, I never really thought of a movie that isn't from the early 70's and back to be "old". Next I felt sad for the person that wrote that since that was closing yourself off to a lot of really good movies that blow anything made in the last 10 even 20 years out of the water. But that is a matter of tastes and conditioning. American horror movies are a shell of their former greatness with constant hashing of poorly made remake after remake of classic movies that in no way needed remakes and recent Asian horror that has no business being Americanized because the cultural details that made it work in the first place are lost in translation, as well as gore porn movies that have no purpose other than to shock and gross the audience out but cant even do that well anymore because there are 10 other movies on the market at the same time with the same gimmick. Now while I have a personal dislike for those shorts of movies I wouldn't hold it against the people that happen to enjoy them. It's more I just find it interesting that I would feel that way towards a comment like that when I am probably not very much older than the guy that posted that. (note: i have no idea how old the guy was exactly)

As for games, these have made me feel the gap more than any other form of entertainment. Maybe its because the technology has progressed so far in games or it could simply be the fact I was blessed enough to be born around the time that games looked like colored blobs vaguely resembling people and object so they had to be fun in other ways to keep people buying them. Story and game play were the selling points rather than how pretty something was. Now I am not just rambling about the hay-day for no reason. Last night I was looking at the sales email from Gamestop and saw the link for Cata on it so I decided to check it out since I haven't made up my mind how I wish to purchase the game yet. First comment on the page was somebody saying they couldn't understand how Blizzard could still have so many fans using outdated engines and what not. So wait. As long as a game is pretty and requires you to pay out the ass for a system that came play it, its worth spending the money on because it has to be good? I understand WoW isn't the most up to date game in looks but it must be doing something right to keep millions of people playing it for all these years when its competition can't. I'm not trying to say it couldn't look better but to be as widely playable as it is the game is damn pretty. Also why should you care it doesn't look like Age of Conan or the newer mmos that are coming out or have come out? As long as my game can pull me into its world, keep me there, and keep me entertained, I don't really care its not the best looking thing on the market. I would take Final Fantasy VI over any FF after 9 gladly because the story isn't utter crap. The original Silent Hill still makes my pulse race even thought the graphics look horrible. The first Fatal Frame still scares the crap out of me after all these years and it certainly isn't as pretty a game as things that came out just a few years after. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is one of the best games I ever had the pleasure of picking up but its still ugly by today's standards. I would take any one of those over 80% of the games out today. Still I know that I most likely couldn't sit any of my teenage cousins down and expect them to have a good time with those same games. Its not their fault, its the fault of marketing and sellers. Still if I could sit one down and get them to play Streets of Rage and admit it was fun I would find it a moral victory.

The age gap isn't a bad thing, its just a weird feeling. Its the feeling that I am the odd one out. Its the feeling of a wall being built and its one I am not sure if I like or dislike. All I know is I hope one day I can come across someone younger and we can have a nice talk about some classics so I know that there are still people that respect quality being born.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Logic, It's Strange Logic But Still My Own

So as we linger in the last days (well months but that doesn't sound as good) I haven't had a lot of things to write about. Now its not like I haven't been keeping read up on blogging topics and beta news its just everybody else seems to have a hell of a lot more things to say on those matters and better than I could at the time. That said, tonight I was given a topic from a guildy of mine and I figured Ed needed to take a deeper look at what he brought up.

The Discussion

Now, if you are unaware I happen to call a PVP server by the name of Daggerspine my main home. Its where I was hazed into Azeroth, where my friends are, and where my lovely if not dis-functional guild family are. There are many "special" people there that make me want to strangle them as well but D-spine is my home, and I love it greatly.

So where am I going with this? Well you see, gentle reader, I logged on for Elune knows what reason tonight and as I went through my usual lag hell of porting into Dalaran, one of our more "interesting" people jumps me in guild chat with his usual begging for a duel. I said no. Now you would think that he would let it go that this point but since he is like a little puppy you have to shoo away numerous times before he is satisfied with your rejection and he proceeds to ask me why. My response is a simple one.

I don't duel.

So of course the puppy isn't ready to stop nipping my ankle. "Well why don't you like dueling?" Why don't I like dueling? I didn't know I needed a specific reason to dislike a certain aspect of the game but whatever.

Cause I don't like PVP.

Now I am not sure why but this seems to have blown his mind. "So wait...you play on a PVP server and you don't like PVP?"

Now lets look at this for a moment. Perhaps I am the odd one out but I wasn't aware that it was a rule that I had to like PVP to play on a PVP server. If that was the case then why can you instance, quest, and do the other 90% of the things you can do in the game with out having to kill members of the opposing faction if you don't want to. Now as I had to explain to this guildy, "don't like" does not equal "hate". I by no means hate PVP in any manner other than getting ganked on low level toons. Hell, I don't even hate that in all honesty. Its more a right of passage to BE on a PVP server than anything else in my eyes. I do find myself in PVP situations once in a while as I have even posted here. What I don't like about PVP is battlegrounds, arena, and dueling, and before you ask YES I have done all of them to a fair amount which is how I came to understand they weren't things for me. World PVP I find more enjoyable even though its not like when I came in the game in BC or the epicness I hear other members of the guild talk about from time to time.


So what I find myself wondering about this is am I the one that's wrong in my logic? Just because I don't enjoy most forms of PVP does that mean that I shouldn't be on a PVP server? It is not as if battlegrounds and arena are exclusive to PVP servers, though I will admit I might enjoy them a bit more if they were to return battlegroups to like PVP servers together and PVE servers together but its not gonna happens so I wont dwell on it. The fact of the matter is that Blizzard itself took out the PVE shouldnt PVP with PVP servers thing itself so why would it be so odd that a person like myself would like calling a PVP server her home but gets more enjoyment out of PVE content. Does it also make me weird that I have a second home on a RP PVE server but I don't actively RP there? Suppose I take this a step further and tell you that I randomly role play my toons on my main server when we are just messing around? So should I pack up all my good and head to that other server? I'm gonna go with a no.

For one, I rather enjoy the thrill of being on a PVP server when out and about doing my farming or questing. I rarely actively look for fights but I am more than happy to take on a challenger from time to time. It keeps things lively. When I am on the PVE server I can only play for so long while questing. Things get a little dull to me when you don't feel the need to look up once in a while to see if anybody sporting a red name plate decided you looked at them funny. I feel a little odd when somebody from the other faction rides up next to me at a neutral quest giver and doesn't eyeball me just like I am them wondering if either of us will pull the trigger. Worst of all seeing a lower zone under attack in a contested area and not having to worry if the people doing it are going to get bored and scout you out. I cut my teeth as I was camped from level 20 to level cap and fought many a battle since then. Forgive me if I find it more exciting to do my PVEing as bodies pile up around me on my PVP server.

Do what ya like

If you wish to take the purpose of a server literally by all means call me an idiot and poke me with pointy sticks till I go away. I don't believe I am now nor have I ever been wrong about believing one should play on the server they feel best suits them. As long as what you do doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of those around you too much I say do it. And to my "confused" guildy, remember the hour I went toe to toe with you in Undercity before you decided the alliance wasn't for you. You got me once then and I know you want a little revenge. So keep this in mind. I might not duel but if you really want a fight you can always go back. *Smile*

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally It Happened To ME!

Now after that musical interlude I have an announcement.

Thats right boys and girls. Edy kicked that stupid troll in the teeth so hard that his tiger finally came out last night. We were so in shock that my pocket tank Scrawny didn't even think to eat the bastard as per custom. Hell I am still in shock it finally dropped after a year and a half of trying. Many thanks to Scrawny for sticking with me till the end.

Well as you can guess my glee was extremely high so in a very rare moment that I reserve only for the highest of personal achievements I hop back in guild chat after dancing around my room like a woman possessed and said "I must shoot something to spread the love". Four other guildies thought this was a fine idea and off they set to STV so we could ride into Stormwind to show them my new toy. So I parked myself in the Grom inn and tend to something irl real quick only to come back and find a corehound chewing on my rear. The hunter did manage to get me to a forth of my life before I un-AFKed but Eds just rolled up a news paper and smote the hunter he belonged to and his DK buddy with extreme prejudice.

After the others showed we picked up shop and rode to SW to say hello for a while and though they put up a bit of a fight it wasn't enough to keep us interested. One tram ride later we decided to see how the killing was in Ironforge.

The Commons were pleasant so we decided to have a piggy until somebody showed up to fight. They never did. After locking down IF for who knows how long we go back to SW and I found this.

If ever there was a reason kill humans this is it. The damn things are POSSESSED by some sort of Azerothian demons. THEY FLOAT.

Anyway we stirred up a real fight and one last hurrah before we split and called it an evening. All in all a good night.

In other news M.A.S. has moved from 7/12 to 10/12 in ICC with a great run last week. All that remains in our path is Sindy and the king Lich himself. Gotta admit its been a good week for ya gurl.