Sunday, December 19, 2010

When It All Falls Down

Some years are better than others. Sometimes things go really well for you and others they don't. I've been fortunate for the last few years. Things haven't been great but they weren't horrible either. So as the year has gone on I have to admit I am a bit weary from the string of expensive bad luck I've been dealing with.

First my monitor died earlier in the year. Now as irritating as this was it wasn't the worst thing in the world. I got a new monitor and things were moving along swimmingly for a good deal of time. Thinking my luck was looking up and really wanting something new on my baby, I bought a G11 keyboard. This was lovely for 2 weeks until my PSU died a slow death on me.

So I take the money I was saving for various things and buy a new one. Not the best in the world but it seemed to fix the problem. That seemed to be the end of the problems with my own PC for the time being. However my father's fell to a horrible virus over the summer and then my TV died in a power surge a month ago.

Thinking all was fine after I got that replaced my computer finally kicked the bucket 2 weeks ago. That wasn't so bad I guess, that is if I hadn't bought Cata already and had many many things I hadn't had a chance to back up on that computer. Still my Dad's worked and it was good enough for a while. So two days ago I get a new system as an early Christmas present and things seemed to be on the up and up for me. I get it all hooked up and everything restored and pop in the newer PSU I'd bought and my old video card cause its still working very well. All was glorious in those hours. Until last night.

Last night the card started crapping out on games. First in Fallout NV at a certain point in a dialog with a quest giver which really didn't send up many red flags. The game has its own glitches so I exit and try again only to have it lock on the exact same spot, this time locking my system completely. I start to panic but all wasn't lost right? I'd just been in WoW and everything was fine so it should still be right? Well lets just say that since then I haven't been able to log in on my brand new toy for longer than 20 minutes all day. Now I hadn't given up completely so I try my stock graphics in my mother board. I can't even run Cata with that.

So what do I do? I mean so far it could be something with windows 7 but that's not really the issue and I know it. Perhaps this string of events its just telling me to leave electronics alone. Maybe its even a sign that my time in Azeroth should end. I dunno what to do to be honest. I could be something with a win 7 update or it could be my card. Either way the deck is stacked against me.

That said this may be my last blog post ever here. If it is, it been fun. I've enjoyed ranting with the handful of you that have read my work. I apologize for my lack of post in the past months but life is greater than banter sometimes. Keep it fun guys.