Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You can P.U.G. with this or you can P.U.G. with that

So after a lot of trying to write a blog I figure "what the heck lets ramble and see what happens". So here's to the rambling.

Now dear follower (all two of you still around) I have been far from inactive in game its just be more of a "what the heck do I have to write about?" kinda thing for me. There are new instances, big whoop. As fun as they are they aren't earth shattering enough to me to have my say about them. Its just something fresher to do. Then there is a new raid. That would be great to write about if I hadn't only been in there like 2 times (once pre-lord morwhatshisface nerf and one clear to Sarufang last week) and as such nothing really note worthy happened.

Edy has finally somewhat got back into her pvp action (if Wintergrasp can count as such) and upgraded some gear here and there. Ty has been somewhat placed on the shelf. Not so much out of a lack of wanting to place its just I don't do so well at focusing on more than one or two toons at a time. When I dedicate my time to something I tend to stick with it until I get what and where I wish to be. That said little Bell isn't so little anymore and as of the time I am typing this sitting at 78 and will hopefully be 80 relatively soonish.

Now this fact brings up something I actually DO wish to talk about. Random P.U.G.s. I detest them though not as much as I did when I simply had to rely on trade for my needs. People are just as quirky no matter what server you are on its just a matter of luck if you get the good ones, the interesting/entertaining ones, or the down right assholes. If I was a sociologist I would have some very interesting insight on the human nature when one is paired with folks they personally don't know as well as the I/me belief most P.U.G.gers seem to adapt as they run there groups. I have witnessed a trend in low (and I mean depressingly low) dps declaring that they know the only correct way to run something they are all but useless at in the first place. I have seen some of the worst tanking I have ever had the privilege to suffer through. I have also seen players go above and beyond the calls of gear and skill to do things as well. For example I ran with the holy grail of Death Knight tanks once and it turned into one of the most amazing speed runs I have ever been in. This also makes me realize just how little gear does to improve ones performance if one does not have the skills to use it. I have seen people come in with full tier 9 gear and put out dps lower than that of a fresh 80 still in greens and blues. Come on people there is just no way you should be lower than 2k dps on a boss if you have that crap on if you are even pressing buttons to attack. It boggles the mind how bad some of these people are. This also cemented my personal belief that gear score needs to go away period in the game since it is by no means a reflection of what a player is capable of yet it is sadly common to see somebody request some simple and easy heroic dungeon as that of heroic Utguard Keep and post a gear score of 2800+. That is just shear e-peen fluffage when you cant possibly have that kind of rating when you are doing that instance when you are able to get anything of any remote use out of it.

Now with that said I have also been guilty of looking at peoples gear and dps in randoms and comparing it to my own and I forget that people have to start out somewhere. Not too long ago a good friend of mine was voted out of a party for low dps in blues in something like Halls of Stone or regular Trial of the Champion where she could have gotten some gear and badges to improve on what she was doing (like the damn thing is set up to do). She was obviously hurt by this and understandably so. We as geared players tend to forget what it was like when we were getting our starter gear and learning the ropes all those months ago and are much more harsh than we should be on these players. That said, she was doing the correct amount of dps for her gear and spec unlike mister DK that was pulling 700 dps in 245 gear.

That said it will be interesting to see how the grouping system really effects the over all play of players in WoW. Yes it is relatively easy to get carried to awesome casual gear now but at the same time you get the full range of personalities and problems along the way that might make the moderately intelligent player better. Until that time though remember your manners and know your limits. Make your run as good as possible. Most of all have fun.

Lil' K.T. commands it.