Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Feel So Bad Now

I must say the plight of the young kobold has truly touched me. Where I won't say *cough* but anywho as one of the few races of small angry npcs I run across in my long adventure in Azeroth I have seen the light and this will hopefully show you how wrong this kobold genocide is. I think I might have to kill a human to make myself feel better...or find some sort of plan to convert all kobold quests into ones where murloc and gnolls die...particularly gnolls. There isn't enough time in my day to spill all their blood I think needs to be spilled.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Knowing What I Know Now

Ok though I would have loved to have only the exact song for my blog this is the closest thing I can get to what I wanted so if you would be go kind the song starts at 2:11 on the vid.


That said the reason I've posted such a song is simple, I have a lowbie hunter and for some reason this song comes to mind whenever I play her. I look back at my leveling Edy back when I knew nothing of the ways of the hunter and think to myself how horrible and not so bright I was about what I should and shouldn't do. For example:

I know now that you shouldn't fight in melee
shooting and running is fine
I know now that a pet is over powered
at least 'til you're past the 70 line
Just think of it gee,
how great it would be
if I could go back some how
and have my hunter to level oooooover
knowing what I know now

Ok I got more but putting them in song just isn't something my brain can do right now so lets just list.

I know now that as bad as mana management sucks at level 12 it never gets any better
I know now that its a good idea to always keep your pet on passive in a dungeon, in particular ones where you don't know certain things (tank, the instance itself, other dps, etc.)
I know now that strength is not a hunter stat as we don't get ranged attack power
I know now that 80% of other hunters that have played longer than me still don't know these things
I know now that 90% of people you party with in WoW will assume you are that hunter in the 80%
I know now that feign death is the best hunter skill ever
I know now that some pets are smarter than others (I think I wrote a post about this in the past)

So what would you do different if you could do it over again?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Min/Max Makes Edy Wanna Choke A Gnome

It's been a while since I've just been irritated by min/maxing to the point I wanted to post about it but today happens to have just pushed me over my limit. I just don't understand why people are so insistent on wanting EVERYBODY to do the same thing to their characters just 'cause some guy with a calculator said doing X instead of Y would make you some number you wont even notice better and more uber than all the other uber peoples that you see. Then you can just prance around those people, e-peen flappin' in the breeze, making fun of them cause they aren't a carbon copy of you and the people you copied cause it's the "it" thing to do until the next patch or item drop says you must switch to this spec and spend thousands of gold on regemming, chants, and Advil for the headache you just gave yourself.


Now that's off my chest I need to be clear I in no way shape or form have a problem with min/max-ers or their spreadsheets (even if they DO make my eyes glaze over). What I don't like about min/max is the pressure it tends to put on the rest of the player base. So you aren't doing what elitist jerks says is the flavor of the patch for your class, does that mean you aren't doing it right? If your numbers look good then I say do what feels good. For example I know that the wolf is supposed to be the it pet for the raiding hunter. I like my cat. Snuggles and me been doing our thing since I been playing and personally I don't want another pet with me as it makes me feel off when I play. Does that mean I am doing something wrong? So I am losing around 120 dps on paper but for me my computer isn't top of the line so I am prone to lag spikes. My cat does more dps himself than a wolf on a target so maybe for me my kitty is a better choice for the way I play. I caved and got a raid spec I think I conformed enough to get by. My spec isn't perfect but I like it, I don't worry about armor pen or stuff like that (I value what little sanity I have left) , and though I might like to be on the top of the charts in my raids as long as I am showing numbers where they are supposed to be I see no reason to give up little things I do in my class that make it more fun for me just to see numbers on a chart.

Now that I've blown off my steam for the "best hunter pet" article I just read and have begun to lose my train of thought again I will call an end to my rant. Happy fun hunting!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Edy Would Like To See

As the next expansion looms in the near future all the new changes have people a titter with thoughts of what could and will be (no more hunter mana HUZZAH), I've found myself thinking that while those things are awesome I would like more. Now its not game mechanics I am really all that concerned with as I will have my hands full learning the ends and outs of my beloved hunter tree, but more "simple" wish I find myself resting on. I have spoken about my prior MMO experience with City of Heroes and I have dabbled in a few other free titles for giggles and I find WoW the more enjoyable but even so that doesn't mean there aren't things I would like to see improved upon.

I like pretty things. That said I do love the look of WoW considering that Blizzard has managed to keep the game playable on underpowered systems (much like my own though I can still see the majority of the perdy stuff) and even though the graphics are a bit dated I don't have a problem with them. Hell sometimes I even find myself just watching the surrounds as I fly around Azeroth just because of how beautiful it all is. My wish isn't so much that we have realistic trees or the likes. What I would like see changed is character customization.

In CoH my greatest fun wasn't beating the crap out of badly dressed villains crawling in back alleys, no sir, it was the sheer amount of customization that you could do to your avatar in just the basic character building that made me the happiest. Now you couldn't make them look exactly like what you wanted but you could come pretty close and all in all that make the toon feel more like it was YOURS than just a carbon copy of everybody else running around in game. That said I know all the things you could do in character design in that game couldn't really work in WoW. It's not like expect them to fire the guy that makes the super large shoulders on the tier or the people that insist on making the horrid looking hunter and paladin gear in the game. Its the naked toon options I really wanna see more done with. I want tattoos. I want scars. I want more than 5 hair styles and colors. I want to walk out into dalaran and not see 15 people that look exactly like me. I don't roll play in WoW but if I did maybe I would want a toon that was missing an eye or something of the sort. Hell at least give me the ability to change Tauren hair color and fur color separately or let me chose more than 3 faces for my troll. I might even let the fact I never got my dance studio I was promised go if I could give Edy tattoos.

Yes my desire is pure vanity but so what? I am sure many people feel like myself and would like to have their toons be a bit more personalized to their tastes. Its bad enough everybody wears the same armor but I think if you let players choose whats under the armor with more freedom. I wouldn't even ask for body type changes (though they would be nice). I know we have little chance of seeing these things but its something I would love to see happen one day.