Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The TRUE Power of the Forsaken

(A day in the thoughts of one Anne Gwish)

Surrounded again....nothing new there.


Theses silly wretches think that I will fall so easily?

*slash clang*

No matter how many come I will cut them down and feast on their corpses.


1...3...5...20. Its all the same to me.

*low health!!*

Hmm.....well this could prove troublesome. I seem to have run out of bandages....don't seem to be able to eat right now either....

No matter for now is the hour of the TRUE POWER of the forsaken. The greatest gift that any servant of our Dark Lady can receive the honor of gaining the knowledge to use.

The time has come.

Bow to the power of the almighty DUCK TAPE and tremble at its glory!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Karma Of Some Sort I Suppose......

I dunno what I did to have Ruru curse me with a tag but I have been, and as I am an insomnia I suppose I should get this out the way. While its cool as hell to get the recommendation and that somebody finds me worth enough to recommend me to others in such away IS flattering it the work I have to do in response to such an award I am not thrilled about. Ah well, suck it up Edy.

Don't expect me to do this often if ever again. I blame my inability to sleep and all the bastards that make these in the first place :).

That being said I would like to thank Ruhtra at Holy Shock for spending his auction house time reading my babblings when he could simply harrase me in game. It is rather moving to know that something I am saying is worth your attention other than my useless banter in guild chat. That said I suppose its time for me to pass on this Award to those I feel are worthy:

1. BigRedKitty: A hunter after my own heart, BRK is one of the first blogs I ever started reading. Funny guy with great hunter advice and tips. His blog is a hot spot and rightly so. I've gotten alot of my advice from his blog, definately worth checking out if you never have.

2.Temerity Jane: She amuses me greatly do I really need any other reason than that?

3. .....um there is no 3

Yeah yeah yeah I am 5 short. I am also not very big into reading other blogs and all the others I could list are already tagged that I am aware of and I am too lazy to think of some way to fill the other spots. For all I know these 2 are as well but meh I likes em I think they kick the llama's ass and they haven't done the tag themselves so they are fair game in my book :).

With that out of the way lets move on to my 10 things you didnt know (or even care to know) about lil' ol' Edy:

1. My forth toe on my right foot is shorter than my pinky toe.

2. I have an addiction to sunflower seeds.

3. I played trumpet for 7 years and still pick it up on occasion.

4. I like the smell of tattoo ink.

5. I am able to name any Friday the 13, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street move by mere scene description.

6. I enjoy table top gaming and often take my dice out in memory of not being able to do it anymore.

7. I have a tattoo of the royal emblem from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time on my back and am damn proud of it.

8. I am a scuplter by schooling and actually do have some knowledge in how to weld.

9. I speak Japanese. Not fluently but I have a basic understanding of it.

10. I can't stand the smell of mustard or hot sauce. They make me physcally ill.

There I have answered my award calling and spilled many secrets....well I'd tell anybody this but nobody ever asks. Anyway I am finally sleepy. Enjoy your day, night, what ever the hell it is to you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Anns

Once upon a time the sisters Edyion and Tytanya found a cow. Her name was Annodal and though she was merely a fresh, wet behind the horns druid, she took the call to arms the sisters presented her with and began to inch forward sowing her druidic slavation in the hopes of making their faith in her well founded.

Not long after the sisters met a fledgling warrior by the name of Annegwish. Anne is as mean as they come with a desire to beat the stuffing out of anything that can be hit. Small though she be she is a fierce as a wolf. If there is pain to be brough she will be the one to bring it. Needless to say Tytanya shows a fondness for this charge.

Ok ok that was fun but I will explain. Of late M.A.S. has been through a bit of a troubled time and though we have always needed tanks and heals we need them NOW more than ever. Annodal I had for a while but never really got into playing her cause she was just something to tinker around with, I am not fond of the size of taurens (specially taurens in bear suits)and I'd never played a druid. Now I have picked up leveling her to be a healer for M.A.S. and hopefully when she gets to 80 I can help releave a little of the stress on our 2 remaining healers. Annegwish is a much more recently rolled toon. Again I wanted to try a warrior and something about undead females and the way they fight is terribly amusing to me. I dont know why I rolled her at first but I think it would be fun to have her go the course and become a prot warrior. Again there is something terribly funny about undead females when they fight and its even MORE funny when they are getting the tar beat out of them tanking.

I probably wont talk much about them as I am having a pretty tough time keeping myself motivated to use them when I usually get called into active dps duty on Edy and Ty needs to be geared as is and really never get a chance to use her : /. Might be fun to keep you guys up on how the Anns are doing though.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Add-ons, Yah I Gotz Some - Part I

Its been an interesting week for me in game and as much as I would love to rant a hole in your eyes about its house drama and I wanna keep this a drama free zone for as long as possible. That said I will probably get a little lax in my posting just for not wanting to think with all the things on my table. Disclaimer fin.

That said this week hasn't been all insanity as I have been working on trying to improve my effectiveness on my hunter in particular. Now I have be come a bit of an add-on junkie of late though I am trying to reel myself in somewhat with my usage of them. But I have managed to come across a handful that make me wonder why the hell I never tried this before.

Now I'm not gonna start with my newer add-ons but rather my first add-ons I would have a hard time functioning without and work my way through:

FloTotemBar & FloAspectBar

Now these lil beauties I been using since a hunter friend pointed them out to me when I merely an infant in the lands of Azeroth. Now FloTotem is not souly a hunter add-on and is designed making for Shammies but the author was kind enough to build it with the ability to display hunter traps. FloAspects does the same thing with hunter aspects. These in combination free up alot of space for action bars and though I am sure there are ways around using them I would personally have a hard time adapting.

X-Perl UnitFrames

I always been a minimalist when it comes to how I have done my job on Edy and so far it worked for me but the last few weeks I have been thinking more about how I can be better. I'd never used unit frames of any sort and I am gonna be honest I tried this one just cause I liked the fact it made character portraits animated, but even with that silly a reason I love this add-on. Makes my life in raids so much easier being able to see the tanks when I am not in group with them for misdirects and helps me keep an eye on healers for when I have to use my Snuggs to OT for a minute if something gets on them or drop a trap till a tank can get to the healer. Pretty easy to set up how you want it as well.


Something I should have had a while go as I didn't even really use Blizzard's built in text for a while. Main reason I suggest this is for cool downs cause its nice to see an ability flash up when it ready rather than watching my action bars. I have enough to keep up with what with my pet running around gnawing his little heart out.


I got this yesterday after checking a few hunter blogs I follow and I'll be damned if it already isn't the best thing I have picked up since this add-on frenzy thing week. Took me a minute to work out how to use it but now that I know I don't have to worry about missing a Beastial Wrath cd or not knowing I was still in Aspect of the Viper cause the lovely flashies I have set up tell me that faster than I can look at my action bars and in the middle of a fight thats alot of time saved. I have yet to set it up for Ty but I am sure it will have the same effect for her as well and I definately recommend trying it out.


Speaking of Ty, I have only this one add-on to mention for her. Now I think any Paladin worth salt should have this add-on cause it just makes buffing that much easier. Its easy to set up. It registers what buffs other paladins in your group/raid have in theirs so you can adjust accordingly and the timers and alerts for unbuffed players just makes buffing for pallies that much less of a headache. Though thats all killed when you are running with a paladin that doesn't have it but yeah you cant win 'em all now can you?

OmenThreatMeter, Recount & DeadlyBossMods

These are add-ons I will mention just because they are add-ons I feel everybody that wants to PVE should have them. Every player should be fully aware of their own threat at any given time. They should also not be dependant on the raid lead or people in party to alert them when attacks are coming in a fight they need to be aware of. Also, lets just be honest Recount is a blessing and a curse. Though you should be fully aware how much damage you are doing it also leads to bone heads trying to top the charts and as such pulling unnessasary aggro from the tanks and hindering the over all dps of other players fully dps as they need to in order to allow the tanks to get aggro back. Don't be that guy.

I haven't bothered to link add-ons in this cause I have those listed on the side and you can just click em there (yeah I am lazy get over it). I also have many other add-ons I work with but those will come up another day. Untill then happy add-on hunting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shake that Booty!

Its nice to know even after a not so great day of instancing the big strong men folk in M.A.S. can find it in their stone hearts to entertain their not so amused Edybear out of her building annoyance. If only they coulda seen how bad ass this looked with the music I was listening to :).

Monday, March 23, 2009


I would like to thank this ally for becoming my 10,000th kill. Sure you rolled in to the wrong place at the wrong time but that doesn't make this Edyion any less grateful. So thank you very very much again. Do I care you are probably pissed you got steamrolled? Not really but thank you for dying and not releasing :).

That being said the reason M.A.S. was out spreading our love to the allies was a really good friend of mine, Abbandon, came back from extended computer nursing and as per custom called for the annihilation of South Shore for hours and hours on end. Only fair after all the attacks we have been getting of late. Anyway as always with these things our party grew a bit large than the good folks in SS were willing to hang for and we began the ever lovely M.A.S. world tour eventually ending up in Honor Hold. Was a good night indeed.

Lastly I have these to share as well. Snuggles was a bit "randy" after all this excitement...

This druid shall remain nameless for his/her own safety....as well as my hoping I don't get any calls about cub support. Also as funny as this was what happened next made it all the better.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Punting We Will Go

Late last night we in M.A.S. did some house cleaning in Tarren Mill, as we are often known to do, and schooled a few Alliance pricks that just can't have fun unless they are stopping people that can't defend themselves from playing. Rant for another time there but anywho lots of faces pwned and blood spilled on both sides. Came across this vid when I got up this morning and its just so bad ass and fit my mood SO well just had to post it. Personally have nothing against most gnomes but damn it its worth it to see so much gnome punting even with the ended Baron threw in there. Anyway enjoy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Was it Something She Ate?

Though I love Snuggles with all my lil' blood elf heart I can't deny my Spirit Beast, Gaz, holds about as high a spot. I have had the honor of Gaz lending me her awesomeness for a while now and I am still as proud to have her as they day I caught her. However, while running around with Eus punting not so nice trolls I realized something. A purple Gaz is 20 times more awesome. A purple Eus.....well not so much. Long live the goddess of pimp kitties.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Snuggle Love, Oh Ee Oh Ee Oh

Every hunter should, at least in my opinion, have a best friend. By best friend I refer to that one pet you just can't live your WoW life without. Mine is a is a lynx by the name of Snuggles. There are many that look like him and may even steal his name but there will only ever be one TRUE Snuggles. I tamed (more like I got maimed until he got tired and decided I probably had food) at level 10 just after completing my hunter quest and it was love at first kill. As I watched him gnaw the head off a dragonhawk I knew no other could replace him in my life, and from there we have traveled a long whinding path to 80.

Many called me crazy for keeping him. "You should release him and get another cat. Ooo ooo ooo get a rare one!" I would only smile and nod at their short sightedness. I would train my cat to be the killer I saw in his eyes. I would travel to the far ends of Azeroth and eventually Outland to learn various more power attacks from others but they would never last. Only Snuggles stood true as I allowed the others to slink back of into the wilderness, for Snuggles willingly died to protect me in the untamed wilds of Azeroth for a mere hug, a gentle pat on the head, and piece of meat or fish. He outlived me in bad instance pulls though he did his best to keep it from happening. He slowed allies as I ran for my little hunter life and even ate a few as I dealt death to their running friends.

There have been others. Other cats, boars, core hounds, chimeras, wolves, a gorilla and even a feared spider but none could take his place. Even now he shares me with his brothers and a sister, the ever famous and elusive spirit beast. Still in this Edy's heart Snuggles shall always reign king.

He doesn't do flashy tricks. He isn't built like a tank. He likes to chase night elf druids for some afternoon lovin'. He likes belly rubs when we have nothing to do. He likes it when I let him off the leash to gnaw on allies that have infested our little town of Tarren Mill. Snuggles has never let me down when I needed him and done everything I have asked. Often he is blamed by tanks but even that rolls off his back. There are many cats like him and some might share his name. There is only one Snuggle-butt though and he is mine and mine alone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giggle Like a School Girl and various PTR thoughts.

First off I would like to welcome my partner in crime, the Harley Quinn to my Ivy, Eus to this blogging thing. You can find her here at The Suicidal Healer . I would also like to thank her husband, my guild leader, for his welcome at Holy Shock and yes chief you do put me through my paces but I have fun doing it... most of the time.

Well now that is out of the way I can get down to business. Now I could QQ about the changes coming down the grand 3.1 tunnel. I could complain about the coming removal Spiritual Attunement from trainers and being put deep in the prot pally tree thus returning our mana woes to the lowly retadin. I could moan about this, but I don't really care. Mana has never been a strong point for a ret. We got past it then we will now. I could also bitch about the nerf to Explosive Shot.....no wait....why would I complain about that? I think its needed. A nerf bat swing of a base damage reduction of 10% and attack power scaling of 12.5% might end up being alot but in all honesty I am tired of getting blasted in the back with one shot and it taking half my life. Am I just a bitter Beast Mastery hunter waiting to see another hunter tree feel the nerf wraith? Possibly. I however am not speaking as a jaded hunter right now. I came to terms with my tree's changes and could give you many a reason why I have remained a BM hunter in the face of the SV revolution, but that is a conversation for another time. No my friends there are more than enough blogs dealing with the Ghostcrawler should be strung up arguments. I have other things that make me excited about 3.1. Its not the Dual Spec, though admittedly I am beyond excited about that coming feature. It's not the coming buffs to the pet trees that make my 51 points to get the Beast Mastery talent oh so nice now. Its not even the changes to hunter ammo still being squared away though that does too make me giddy like a kid that just found a piece of candy in his pocket in the middle of class. No, the things that I wish to look at are the little changes that bring joy.

"What little things could those be Edy? How could anything be more important that the never ending news of buffs and nerfs and super buffs and super nerfs for my *insert random class here* ?" To that question I pose another. Do those make you giggle like a school girl? Yes I aware that a buff will make anybody giggle with glee, but I wanna clarify. Which would make you giggle till your face hurts more a slight change to your class that you wont notice once you get it though it looked GREAT on paper, or a lil' mecha gnome that will smash those annoying ass train sets for you and does a little shimmy? Personally the gnome wins hand down, but there could be something wrong with me. New loots make me giddy. New mounts get me hot. New small pets give me hours of running in circles watching them scrurry along side my mount with that new mount smell. Mounts that SWIM blow my mind. A new type of spirit beast makes me all tingly inside. The new Wind-up Train Wrecker makes me giggle like a lil school girl who just pushed a boy in the girls' room. So what my retadin wont be getting mana from being healed much longer. So what my hunter is still working through the bm growing pains and dealing with the ever present presure of trying to compete with the soon to be nerfed just as hard SV tree. There are foam swords to be had, specral tigers in sandbox form (sure they are from the trading cards but its something to shoot for) and even mounts to be fished. It's the little things that keep me going in the crazy ever-changing lands of Azeroth. So when you get the patch blues remember you can always just get a lil' mecha gnome to smash the crap out of that stupid train set pissing you off in your raid and embrace that lil school girl just begging to giggle ab0ut it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flex that Ret!

So this past weekend my guild decides to run some BC raid content to get in some practice, get some gear for some lower members, and see how well we raid together as we are trying to move into the end game with more force. So my misadventure begins with Karazhan, which surprisingly we had more people sign up for than we actually had the room for. There was a small problem however. We had no tank. Now we HAD a tank signed up but due to circumstances beyond his control his connection crapped out which left us tank-less. Now many of us are thinking "no way this is gonna happen without a tank" my fearless guild leader (that I am sure was more determined to get his hunter some kara gear than anything else really ;)) suggests myself and one of our dks tank this thing. Now I am thinking oh crud cause
A) I have tanked very little
B) am currently specced ret which I love and
C) I have absolutely NO tank gear
In the end I ended up MTing nearly the whole raid without too much problem as I had 2 lovely 80 healers on my ass, ret holds a lot of aggro when in Righteous Fury, and most of us there knew the run well enough we didn't have too many problems. Now I DID have a few things happened that urked me a bit like certain raid members not listening because they "knew the run". Now I am sorry but I dont give a fart HOW well you think you know the run. You listen to the raid leader and you sure as hell never run ahead of the tank, especially when its somebody that is by no means a true tank and is not used to tanking as is. This led to more deaths than necessary and at least one stressed out healer ready to call it. Though it did stress me out I have to admit I had fun tanking though its not something I wanna make a habit of. Though I have to admit I am starting to look at ret a little differently than I did before.

My guild wasn't done testing my abilities to do things a retadin wasn't exactly designed to do and the next day after a late start to getting the raid together I was informed I would be not only healing but solo healing Zul Aman. HELLO panic mode. I completely lose it when they tell me this. Now I did have a healing off set I had been working on but it was in no way ready for me to heal anything but thank god my pally is a chanter and black smith and I managed to squeeze 1479 sp and 12k mana pool out of my gear. The larger problem for me was the fact I had never healed anything before. What a way to have your healing cherry popped. Over all I think it went ok we made it through some clearing and the eagle boss Akil'zon with just me healing but it became very clear I wasn't gonna be able to keep that up when we got to the bear, Nalorakk. Our tank was just getting hit way to hard for me to keep him up and the rest of the raid as well which about half of the raid was 74 or lower I believe and we were a bit undermaned. Luckily our priest Zoulkhan logs on and comes to save the day....well thats what I wanna say, unfortunatly what really happened was he saved the day on the bear but his connection issues got in the way again. Nothing like the tank rushing into the lynx bastard of a boss Halazzi and me wondering why everybody's health is getting so low he logs back in just as I oom saving the day. One more bout of solo healing on the Hexx Lord after a few wipes and Zou getting knocked cold we get thru Zul'jin with like nil issues. It was hard fought and I was shaking through most of the fights while going into a low buddhist chant of profanities at my situation it was fun. I think I really like healing but I will be damned if I make it habit of doing that while ret spec. It can be done but I wouldnt suggest it personally.

I end up tanking one more time that weekend in Magister's Terrace as a for fun run and it started out with a plan but quickly degraded into a free for all slug fest with the chief and his cat really keeping me on my toes. This time I was more just a retadin just holding aggro than a real tank which is fine with me. I dont really like tanking all that much but I could probably learn to. Healing on the other hand I think I could learn to love. I am trying to hold out for dual spec but with our currernt shortage of healers I might have to speed up my decision to make Tytanya heals or not. I love ret with all my heart and I dont wanna give it up. That said and with these past runs to go by I wouldn't be surprised if I dont get called to test the limits of the retadin again in the tank or healer role. Do I want to? Not really. Would I? Hell yes.

Once There Was an Ed....

Hello to those of you that have happened to have the not so great luck to stumble upon this "mockery" of a blog. Ok, ok all joking aside I am pleased if anybody happens to come across this blog (otherwise I would just be talking to myself which would make me sad) and I thank you for taking the time to see what the hell it is I am rambling about.

First off this is a blog about my WoW life and as such I will try to keep my personal life out of it. For starters I am a GIRL. No not "Guy In Real Life" I am a honest to goodness female complete with breast and non dangly naughty bits. I have been a gamer since I first played Duck Hunt and Q-Bert on my older brother's Nintendo and I have no intentions of ever stopping. I am 25, and artist and suffer from many addictions other that the lovely World of Warcraft such as anime direct from Japan, Manga/Comic Books, and sunflower seeds. I was talked into Warcrack by some friends of mine in college which only served to prove my point that I would get addicted to this game the minute I started playing. Oh well the trap was set, I fell in, and I will never look back.

I play on the PVP server Daggerspine (US) and have fallen prey to the alt bug but I have 2 toons I mainly play: Edyion- my main a level 80 blood elf beast mastery hunter, and Tytanya - my level 80 ret-pally. They have a brother and other sisters but honestly I have little interest in playing any of those alts at the moment. I love my hunter above all and my pally comes in a close second so I enjoy keeping in peak form in the way I play them. I am also on the Executive Board for my guild and in general the one everybody pesters when our fearless leader isn't "present". I also have a few allies scattered around like on Blackhand, but they are on PVE servers that other friends of mine play on and use them to speak once in a while. I find PVE boring personally however. I was brought into the game in PVP and earned my stripes there. Really hard for me to not get bored without the ever present threat of alliance gang raping me as I mind my own business. Its part of the thrill.

I like raiding and I like PVP in spurts though its not my favorite thing in the world to do unless its world PVP and somebody is picking on lowbie MAS family. In which case I usually get summoned in a "Code Red" which usually means Edy drop what the hell you are doing get out here and come die...I mean pwn some face with your suicidal healers, k thanks. Yes this is where the name for my blog comes from and many an ally on d-spine camping 30s in Hillbrad should have learned by now if you see a MAS toon out there and you kill them there is a good chance I will be coming to cash that check you just wrote.

WoW isn't my first MMO. I played City of Heroes for a year before WoW and though I miss my kick ass hero I like my friends and stuff in WoW. With that I think that covers most of what I wanted to say. Again I bid you hello and stick around you might read something interesting :).