Monday, September 14, 2009

No Tears Here

So the news of the buff/nerf to my beloved BM has been out for a bit now and I admit I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing. You will not hear me cry about it though. My tears were shed when they leveled me with the 3.0.8. hunter nerf. Now for those that don't know Beastial Wrath and The Beast Within are undergoing some changes that have the hunter community all up in arms. For starters its getting a rather hard reduction from 18 seconds to 10 seconds of duration (that would be the part I don't like). On the flip side we are getting a 10% constant passive buff from TBW which wont put us that close to the other two specs BUT is a start and something I think they should have been doing from the start with the rebuilding of the BM spec. The problem still remains that out pets are still ever so fragile (something they are working on) and as such BM is the glass jaw spec of the hunter world. I will not be a flag waver about the pros and cons of this move for a simple reason, this Ed has no idea what it really means until she sees it for herself.

Now on the PVP side this is hard hitting simply because its a big nerf to burst that came with BW. Though BW and TBW are getting a buff to what the rage breaks (basically all cc just like a trinket) you cant just get that kind of buff without having to pay some sort of price. So the cries are mainly coming from the PVP crowd as they see it as a slap in the face just after they found a spec for PVP that wouldn't simply be run into the ground. Now I too am upset but I look at it as just another hurdle to clear for my beloved class. Nerfs and buffs come and go some you like some you dont, its the passion that keeps one going (else the great controller probably would have let Edy go not long after BM was all but killed). This is simply another puzzle to be solved over time. I will admit it sucks as I had begun committing myself to a 3s team with two good friends and part of this nerf makes me want to tell them "you gotta look elsewhere" since I have never truly loved PVP from the start. On the other hand this almost makes me what to do it more, just to say I can still hold my own even if you take my thunder.

As it stands the changes are still to come and not the present. I for one will worry about them more when they arrive. Yes I know I haven't talked about all aspects this change will effect but I don't feel the need to with not even seeing them and getting a feel for them myself. You will wait with me to see how I feel. I will not let my emotions get ahead of what is to come.

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