Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Been Up

Well dear readers I've been planning more fun posts....just haven't gotten around to them. This is partly do to other hobbies and partly do to nothing really going on worth writing about. So here is a rundown.

  • The princess of rotting pain has gotten her ducktape toting butt to Outland finally and is enjoying titan grip at the moment. "Only thing better than sharp pointy things is Bigger sharp pointy things," she has once told me. Who am I to argue a warrior her pleasure.
  • Last I saw of the more gentle Ann, she was lost in Arathi hunting flowers or something. Slowly trying to catch Anne-g with her own brand of kitty fury.
  • Edy has also put her brother out to do some of his own warlockier for money. In other words she cut him off and put him to work.
  • Ty managed to get that axe she was drooling over for so long and is currently working on getting her conq. helm. She has also been dragged back into healing....though she admits she isn't a completely unwilling party to this.
  • Edy and Snuggs are doing their thing, raiding when they can find one and just farming the goods to help out the others when they cant. She too has found a nice sharp toy to play with and is contemplating the coming BM changes on the horizon.
I personally have picked up the new Dungeons & Dragons Online and am trying it out when I have nothing better to do. So far its fun. I dunno how fun it will stay as I have no real desire to put in the time to socialize BUT it has given me a bit of a D&D fix. Best of all its F R E E, so no harm no foul if I decide to just up and quit out of the blue.

Now before I completely cut out I do wanna give a shout out to friends Abbadonn and Nymeros and their respective blogs. That about covers it. Hopefully things will pick up soon so I have more to write about. Later.

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