Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Da Voodoo Shuffle

What an interesting week it has been for me dear reader. Its not so much that anything good or bad happened its just an old spark of great fun has blazed up recently and by golly if Edy-bear ain't loving it.

For starters I didn't get to raid what I normally do in a given week simply because I was unable to log on on that Tuesday and as such missed some of my normal runs. Was this a problem? Not really. I have my own share to do now that my mother is a bit down for the moment so i kinda needed a day to get some of that stuff straight anyway. That said I did raid some. So was good, some f'n fantastic and some just down right horrible.

The Good:
Friday I ran 10 TOC with some friends and as usual it went really really well, damn boots still didn't drop but it was still a hoot of a time even if I didn't get any loots. We did have a shining moment on the northrend beasts when some well placed exploding raiders took two healers and all but 3 dps with them just as we killed acidmaw. This lead to the most impressive shaman healing I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in the game as myself, my pally tank, and a mage were left for him to heal the entirety of the last boss phase after some poor charge escape failures. Stuff like that really is a blast when you down what you are after.

The down right horrible:

So the day before the 10 run a hand full of those same friends decided to get a 25 TOC off the ground and suggested I give it a shot with him. Now first off I havent been running 25 in a very long time for the mere fact i cant deal with all the damn lag i get in them with all the spells going off. This was something I worked out in Naxx but decided against it when I progressed into Ulduar just because "I" didnt want the headache and guilt of not so great performance. Most I ran with had no idea i was even having problems. Anyway I figure what the hell and go and over all did well. Dps was low but I assume that was from the lag getting in the way of the tight rotation I have to maintain in SV. But I wasnt the bottom of the charts either. So we blow though everything up Twins and things just kinda spiraled after we get to this and start wiping (we downed them and only 3 wipes on it but between this and what i am about to talk about people probably just didn't give a damn to finish anymore).

I've talked about my dislike of PuG etiquette when it comes to using vent and this night was the shinning example of how to piss off an entire raid all at once. We had a mage with us that for some reason had the overwhelming need to enforce the size of his e-peen to a raid of 20-something other people who could have given a rats ass one way or the other what this guy did out of game. This mage never shut up from the time he joined the raid to the time he was booted from the vent channel. The whole night was his D**k this and i f****d this girl cause i am mister big shot quarterback to butt sex with various people he knew in raid. I dont think the guy took a single damn breath to rest his voice from pull one to the end.

I'm not new to raiding in PuGs by any means so i have heard it all before but somethign about the fact he just never shut up seemed to grate on me. He capped it off with some racist comments during twins and I lost my shit flat out and just went at him in vent. I dont like doing this at all as i am just long for the ride and maybe some loots but damn being in a raid does not give you the reason to be an asshole when you talk just because you like the sound of your own damn voice.

Anyway guy was booted from vent as his racist spouting got worse and I even found out later the raid leader had long decided to not give the guy loot before he even went that far (which i would have loved to see but nothing even came up he could have used anyway and the one that did he lost.).

At least i got a one hand axe out of the hell night...

The f'n fantastic:

So my guild set foot into Ulduar for the first time as a guild Saturday and you could almost feel the nerves radiating off everyone present. None of us that had been in the raid before really knew how to explain Flame Levi as most of us hadn't done all the vehicle types yet (personally only ever done the bikes) so that lead to a wipe and 'reset' and a ton of funny yelling from one particular guildie that made this the single funnest time I have ever set foot in ulduar. I mean how can you not enjoy the sound of a grown man squealing "get awaaaaaay dont chase meeeeeee" over vent every time Flame Levu targeted him?

We managed to two shot Razorscale and X-T after and I have to admit I was pleased and proud of our newer raiders and it shows hope for our future in guild progression.

Other stuff:

Other than the prior I have been loving my shammy rather hard of late. She is enhancement and ripping things limb from limb with all her shamanistic rage.

Here we see Ms. Raspee (if you're nasty) basking in the glow of victory over a particularly nasty group of alliance rare elites that roam the vast Barrens. The was a lot of mace to face action and fiery totem goodness she just had to share with them.

Anyway thats enough out of me for now. Toodies.


  1. The sound of a grown man squeeling like a tiny little girl!


  2. I giggle a little everytime i think about how he sounded.