Friday, October 2, 2009

There Be Kodo Here

*gasps for breath*
Ok internet Edyion has a major piece of advice for you. If you haven't played DDR (dance dance revolution) in nearly 2 years and smoke it is not a good idea to try and do a 3 song set where you USED to play. Don't get me wrong I did my three songs and passed em all with nothing lower than a C. Just cost me a lung in the process...

*cough* ANNNNNYWAY. The Ed has not been a terribly busy girl of late just really really lazy. There as been much drunken revelry and many many mounts...ok three Edy got her drake and kodo and Ty even got a ram. Oh she squee'd and Edy bitched (didnt haev her kodo yet) but Ty was happy she now has an epic 6 mounts now.

Ed has seen that bitch Ony a couple of times and picked up her tooth which she now wears prominantly (who knew dragon teeth were so agile) and badged herself out to get 2 pieces of tier.

Ty has been snookered into healing ulduar in the past week by some friends and the teachings of the Great chapped one Ruhtra came to her rescue while she tried to heal Iron Council (even solo at one point but by god those alive were still alive till she ran out of mana and caught a lightening ball to the head). Her DPS has also been ripping things apart. She has no drops BUT she did get her Teir 9 ret gloves and tha makes her a happy beaver for sure.

Now if you will excuse me i must hunt down my lung, The lack of oxygen makes it rather had to form complete sentences.

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