Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Is A New One On Me

Ok so it's not often I feel the need to step in and take the place of my sister on this blog but by the light this is just something that I can not get an understanding of.

Whats that? I cant understand what? Oh sorry I suppose I should at least pose the issue that has this little Paladin so confused. Well as Edy was off doing smelly hunter things I chose to find a group of like minded random souls to descend in the fiery undead depths of Forge of Souls I noticed a fellow light bringer looking for services in the trade channel.

Ok in case I need to be clear about what light bringer confused me I will give you a hint. It wasn't the soul asking for a healer for Naxx even if he was insistent about needing the help and since I wouldn't know what 6.9 or baja have to do with anything there aren't many options.

So I know I'm merely a Retadin of the Blood Knights that occasionally dabbles with the holier side of my calling, ranged heals is a new one on me. At first I thought this Krage person was merely running their words together. It happens to the best of us when we are in dire need of assistance (lord knows Edy is bad about it) so I was about to leave it at that and go about my day, but this person just kept asking for ranged heals. The tank was later dropped from the request (I would assume that somebody understood 1 tank just fine but when one gets hit in the head for a living you cant be too sure) but the ranged heals request remained constant. Even after I returned from my romp through the Forge laying holy waste to everything in sight this poor person was still asking for ranged heals. So it as this point I begin to question myself. I don't go prancing around healing people all that much (I prefer sticking the pointy ends of my axe in things with glowy hammers of divine justice surrounding me) so perhaps somebody slipped one past old Tytanya when she wasn't looking. Wouldn't be the first time. Still as far as I know there is no such thing as a melee healer...though I suppose it could be made to work. See from what I was taught unless there are specific circumstances involves those of us flinging life energy around don't like being up close and personal all that much. Also it would be rather inconvenient to only be able to heal the person standing right next to you. Yes I am aware I do it all the time what with being a ret and all but that's different. I'm not trying to heal anybody. Its just hard to keep that much holy might to yourself.

Now I brought this to the attention of a druid friend of mine to see if he could clarify things for me. He seemed as confused/surprised as me that someone would request ranged heals. "I thought they were all ranged" was his answer to me. And honestly I agree with him. I thought of asking this person myself what they meant by "ranged" heals but their request changed to simply heals (after almost an hour mind you) and I lost all desire to know what ranged heals were when my hunger pains began. This question may nag at me for some time but I am sure some greater matter will arise and I will push past my curiosity and find something new to ponder like how to remove the smell of death knight and ghoul drool from plate. Although if any of you have any information about ranged heals please by all means share.


  1. ranged heals = chain heal, flash heal, bacon of lights, etc
    melee heals = bandages

  2. Ratshag you have shown me the light. This Paladin thanks you. Though the conversation this led to in guild was priceless.