Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Feel So Bad Now

I must say the plight of the young kobold has truly touched me. Where I won't say *cough* but anywho as one of the few races of small angry npcs I run across in my long adventure in Azeroth I have seen the light and this will hopefully show you how wrong this kobold genocide is. I think I might have to kill a human to make myself feel better...or find some sort of plan to convert all kobold quests into ones where murloc and gnolls die...particularly gnolls. There isn't enough time in my day to spill all their blood I think needs to be spilled.


  1. I'm a saaaaad kobold...


    Yeah, seriously, what in the hell is it with humans wanting those damn candles. Just leave these poor things alone in peace.

  2. As I have been running around in my human disguise i have found it heart breaking...*sniff*...sorry i am breaking up a bit...*wanders off*

  3. Poor things?!

    They make preemptive strikes against me taking their candles...

    The other day I was just walking past the Jasperlode mine, minding my own business when a horde of screaming savages pounced on me, screaming "YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!!" I tried to explain to them that I didn't want their stinking candle, I was just out for an evening constitutional through Elwynn Forest, but I was nearly disemboweled before I managed to escape!

    Sheesh, helpless my foot.

    (PS - this is Rhii from I Sheep Things... I just can't post as me, because Aurdon runs our site so his login doesn't work for me.)

  4. Weeeeeell I've never thought of them as "helpless" exactly. Its more they have a reason I can understand. Protect the candle is pretty self explanatory when they are shoving pick axes up peoples rears. I would be a bit aggressive as well if I lived in constant fear of being slaughtered for my candle. I'm sure I would feel the same towards murlocs if i understood them...which they very well might be, I cant be sure since I usually get attacked by the ones with a lisp.