Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Glad I Got Beer For This

I was going to use this song with another topic but hell with all this Blizzard bombshells this week I figured why not, does kinda go with things. *cough* Anywho, unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days I am sure by now you have at least heard of Blizzard's brilliant idea to make our Real IDs the way we use the forum. So fairly soon there will no longer be the privacy of having a fake name to post under but instead your first and last names displayed for the whole internet to see. They say its for trolls, I think its more somebody hasn't really thought about just how violating this really is.

Now I don't wanna go worst case scenario, so I will just look at it from a common stand point. I simply don't want everybody to know my real name. If I did I would have made a damn toon with my damn name on it. My name isn't all that common I don't think it would be taken. I have been on the internet for years and managed to keep my name to the damn facebook account my friends talked me into getting as we were leaving college. And on the subject of Facebook (who blizzard seems to be copying) You dont even have to use your real name there if you don't want to. As little privacy as it seems Facebook does still have options to limit what about yourself people can see. Most importantly when you get a Facebook account you know you will have to give this information. That's what the site is there for. WoW is a damn game, when I signed up it was to play a game not give somebody another way to stalk me.

Next problem I have is the rumor Blizzard employees will not have to show their names. If that BS happens I smell boycotts. "They cant afford to have their privacy compromised". What the hell? So they are more important than everybody else that's being violated because they work for you?? So if some freaky dude gets cheezed off because I disagreed with him on the forums decides to look me up and track me down and does something to me its not a problem? The players have to deal with the same idiots and asstards (yeah I know I was trying to keep the profanity down but this word is needed) so why should you get any better treatment than we do? If they are going to punish the fan base like this we should ALL suffer, employees included.

*Deep breath* Whew I feel a little better now. Look its not like I am completely against every change Blizzard comes up with. I wasn't keen on but after a bumpy start thats worked out pretty good. I am even all for the Real ID system for cross game interaction. What I am not ok with is when you tell me something that goes against everything I have ever learned about internet safety. You NEVER use your personal information where others can see. A name is personal and you can find out a ton of things about people with only their name. I get they wanna stop trolls but there is a simple action they could use that would work the same way with none of the drama. How about they make us pick, oh I dunno, a user name. Lets and that user name could be how we post. Wait a minute I have seen this in action before...oh I know, ITS HOW EVERY OTHER FORUM WORKS DAMN IT! God forbid they use something thats been around for years and works just fine and doesn't violate privacy. Until they pull their heads out their asses I won't be posting on the forums any more (not that I did often) which also means I won't be buying anything else from them as they have a less than stellar online shop that has a tendency to break down and *gasp* require you to post on the forums to have something done. If I get hacked again...well thats just that. If they tell me I have to post for help there then by God my account and Edy and the game just end there. Their isn't much they could do that could make me just walk away from WoW as I still quite enjoy the game but this very well could be the kill shot if this becomes the in game standard as well.

My name is Edyion in wow and here. My RL avatar has nothing to do with Azeroth as it is not her reality. She would like it if things remained that way.

Oh and yes I saw the new changes to the talent trees but after this kind of thing that doesn't matter. Game play changes do not effect my everyday life.

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