Friday, July 2, 2010

Rhumba Rhumba Rhumba

What's this? Edy is making an entry?? Has Blackrock frozen over??? No gentle reader, Edy has returned for the time being and she is bring random music with her! Ok so there is no real reason for the video other than I like the song and it was incentive for me to do a blog entry for the first time in ages. Did have the word rumba in it which, of course, is pretty much the name of a new hunter talent in the coming expansion. Fabulous as that spell is I don't actually intend on talking about the news given after the NDA was lifted this week. Why you ask? Well its simple, I can't get worked up every time we get new news. Don't get me wrong I am as giddy as a school girl about hunter changes as well as terrified (a good terrified though) its just between now and the time the expansion actually does hit the shelves and our hard drives, things will have changed, people will pout, the masses will scream "it's the end!" just like the do anytime something happens. That's tiring and I decided to sit this round out and just look at things that wont spoil too much for me. That said I will give you a little fun thing that happened when I noticed the NDA was gone. First thing I did was popped over to MMO-champion and looked to see just what all was up on there and I skimmed the hunter changes really quickly. About half way through my reading I decided to look at the talent calculator and see what was what first hand. Once I past how different things look I start popping in points then it dawned on me I had no idea how to spec. Now it wasn't like that was earth shattering in itself but it was the fact it's bean almost 2 years since I was that clueless about a spec (meaning BM, though MM and SV didn't take me too long to figure out how to spec). As I looked at the tool-tips there was just so much going on, focus regen out the ass, names of effects on spells we don't even have yet, and wondering various other things about what would be good to have from the other trees now. It wasn't a bad feeling to be so lost like that but it really sent it home that I really am gonna have to learn everything all over again. That feeling also made me realize I needed to back off the info surge and just wait it out, sit back and enjoy skimming things from time to time.

In WOTLK news M.A.S. has been semi-busy raiding for the past month or so. I say semi because we still don't have a completely stable core 10 (or core 6 for that matter) so its still a lot of switching and adjusting but even saying that we have been trucking along nicely with ICC. In general the runs have been fun, even with the starting like an hour late from the posted time. There are still a few rough spots but all in all the improvement has been great and we are presently at 7/12 bosses. We have also been trying to do Ulduar hard modes but those have been lack luster sadly. Its not all that great trying to P.U.G. people to fill runs that need coordination but the trying has been fun. I can't say that the consensus that Edy must be sacrificed to Flame Lev has me all that thrilled but once we get that one out the way I will be happy.

Still trying for my tiger from ZG (starting to think they have somebody monitoring me and laughing every time I go in there to try for it) and I am hoping against hope it will drop before Cata gets here. My warrior is up to level 80 and I must admit Fury is a blast to play. *taps forehead* Hmmm...well I guess that's about it for whats been up with Edy. Not really much to talk about but I think that's gonna change soon.

Oh yeah and if you haven't checked em out you need to hear the goblin and worgen jokes at Most of them are over the top but they are funny and worth hearing anyway. Until next time, happy hunting.


  1. Cool video, and good luck on that tiger mount :)

  2. Glad you liked it, its from one of my favorite animes. Thanks for the luck wishing, i think i need it the way things look on that tiger.

  3. Ah the elusive Tiger mount! Hey I got my Blue Proto Drake finally (thanks to my wifey :P), hang in there and keep hunting.