Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally It Happened To ME!

Now after that musical interlude I have an announcement.

Thats right boys and girls. Edy kicked that stupid troll in the teeth so hard that his tiger finally came out last night. We were so in shock that my pocket tank Scrawny didn't even think to eat the bastard as per custom. Hell I am still in shock it finally dropped after a year and a half of trying. Many thanks to Scrawny for sticking with me till the end.

Well as you can guess my glee was extremely high so in a very rare moment that I reserve only for the highest of personal achievements I hop back in guild chat after dancing around my room like a woman possessed and said "I must shoot something to spread the love". Four other guildies thought this was a fine idea and off they set to STV so we could ride into Stormwind to show them my new toy. So I parked myself in the Grom inn and tend to something irl real quick only to come back and find a corehound chewing on my rear. The hunter did manage to get me to a forth of my life before I un-AFKed but Eds just rolled up a news paper and smote the hunter he belonged to and his DK buddy with extreme prejudice.

After the others showed we picked up shop and rode to SW to say hello for a while and though they put up a bit of a fight it wasn't enough to keep us interested. One tram ride later we decided to see how the killing was in Ironforge.

The Commons were pleasant so we decided to have a piggy until somebody showed up to fight. They never did. After locking down IF for who knows how long we go back to SW and I found this.

If ever there was a reason kill humans this is it. The damn things are POSSESSED by some sort of Azerothian demons. THEY FLOAT.

Anyway we stirred up a real fight and one last hurrah before we split and called it an evening. All in all a good night.

In other news M.A.S. has moved from 7/12 to 10/12 in ICC with a great run last week. All that remains in our path is Sindy and the king Lich himself. Gotta admit its been a good week for ya gurl.

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