Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Logic, It's Strange Logic But Still My Own

So as we linger in the last days (well months but that doesn't sound as good) I haven't had a lot of things to write about. Now its not like I haven't been keeping read up on blogging topics and beta news its just everybody else seems to have a hell of a lot more things to say on those matters and better than I could at the time. That said, tonight I was given a topic from a guildy of mine and I figured Ed needed to take a deeper look at what he brought up.

The Discussion

Now, if you are unaware I happen to call a PVP server by the name of Daggerspine my main home. Its where I was hazed into Azeroth, where my friends are, and where my lovely if not dis-functional guild family are. There are many "special" people there that make me want to strangle them as well but D-spine is my home, and I love it greatly.

So where am I going with this? Well you see, gentle reader, I logged on for Elune knows what reason tonight and as I went through my usual lag hell of porting into Dalaran, one of our more "interesting" people jumps me in guild chat with his usual begging for a duel. I said no. Now you would think that he would let it go that this point but since he is like a little puppy you have to shoo away numerous times before he is satisfied with your rejection and he proceeds to ask me why. My response is a simple one.

I don't duel.

So of course the puppy isn't ready to stop nipping my ankle. "Well why don't you like dueling?" Why don't I like dueling? I didn't know I needed a specific reason to dislike a certain aspect of the game but whatever.

Cause I don't like PVP.

Now I am not sure why but this seems to have blown his mind. "So play on a PVP server and you don't like PVP?"

Now lets look at this for a moment. Perhaps I am the odd one out but I wasn't aware that it was a rule that I had to like PVP to play on a PVP server. If that was the case then why can you instance, quest, and do the other 90% of the things you can do in the game with out having to kill members of the opposing faction if you don't want to. Now as I had to explain to this guildy, "don't like" does not equal "hate". I by no means hate PVP in any manner other than getting ganked on low level toons. Hell, I don't even hate that in all honesty. Its more a right of passage to BE on a PVP server than anything else in my eyes. I do find myself in PVP situations once in a while as I have even posted here. What I don't like about PVP is battlegrounds, arena, and dueling, and before you ask YES I have done all of them to a fair amount which is how I came to understand they weren't things for me. World PVP I find more enjoyable even though its not like when I came in the game in BC or the epicness I hear other members of the guild talk about from time to time.


So what I find myself wondering about this is am I the one that's wrong in my logic? Just because I don't enjoy most forms of PVP does that mean that I shouldn't be on a PVP server? It is not as if battlegrounds and arena are exclusive to PVP servers, though I will admit I might enjoy them a bit more if they were to return battlegroups to like PVP servers together and PVE servers together but its not gonna happens so I wont dwell on it. The fact of the matter is that Blizzard itself took out the PVE shouldnt PVP with PVP servers thing itself so why would it be so odd that a person like myself would like calling a PVP server her home but gets more enjoyment out of PVE content. Does it also make me weird that I have a second home on a RP PVE server but I don't actively RP there? Suppose I take this a step further and tell you that I randomly role play my toons on my main server when we are just messing around? So should I pack up all my good and head to that other server? I'm gonna go with a no.

For one, I rather enjoy the thrill of being on a PVP server when out and about doing my farming or questing. I rarely actively look for fights but I am more than happy to take on a challenger from time to time. It keeps things lively. When I am on the PVE server I can only play for so long while questing. Things get a little dull to me when you don't feel the need to look up once in a while to see if anybody sporting a red name plate decided you looked at them funny. I feel a little odd when somebody from the other faction rides up next to me at a neutral quest giver and doesn't eyeball me just like I am them wondering if either of us will pull the trigger. Worst of all seeing a lower zone under attack in a contested area and not having to worry if the people doing it are going to get bored and scout you out. I cut my teeth as I was camped from level 20 to level cap and fought many a battle since then. Forgive me if I find it more exciting to do my PVEing as bodies pile up around me on my PVP server.

Do what ya like

If you wish to take the purpose of a server literally by all means call me an idiot and poke me with pointy sticks till I go away. I don't believe I am now nor have I ever been wrong about believing one should play on the server they feel best suits them. As long as what you do doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of those around you too much I say do it. And to my "confused" guildy, remember the hour I went toe to toe with you in Undercity before you decided the alliance wasn't for you. You got me once then and I know you want a little revenge. So keep this in mind. I might not duel but if you really want a fight you can always go back. *Smile*

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  1. I played on a PVP server for almost two years and I was never into PVP. I am only on a PVE server now because that is where a tanking spot was open that was willing to give me a shot. I don't miss being ganked by overgeared people when I'm out leveling an alt but I honestly wouldn't trade the times on Nath (my old PVP server). I think as long as your having fun it really doesn't matter where you are. :)