Monday, July 20, 2009

Come Get Some!

Well yesterday was a rather eventful day for the Ed. First off I rolled an alliance druid (yup I said alliance) Saemys, on Cho'gall after some coaxing by my friends Ruhtra and Eus and got her to level 10. Now I am sure by now a good few if not all of you have heard of the ratio issues on Cho'gall with the horde supposedly out numbering the Alliance about 7-1. Now if this was a PVE server I wouldn't even bat an eye at the situation, however, Cho'gall is PVP and those kinds of numbers are just too lop-sided to ignore (I should know I tried but a certain suicidal healer wouldn't let me). So after talking with Ruhtra about this realm he raised some interesting points:
  1. With those kinds of numbers one can't help but wonder just how "good" these Horde are with the slim pickings of Alliance trying to hold down the fort.
  2. The auction house should prove interesting as the listings are slim to say the least.
  3. Come see how bad it COULD be and learn to enjoy Dagerspine a bit more.
So I caved and lil Sammy came into the world. I must admit its a bit surreal just how few allies there really are on that server. I think I was level 10 before I even came across another Alliance player and trade was just ...well...dead. Part of me likes that as it means less people bothering me as I level (though I did manage to attract the ONE stalker in the entire zone, go figure...) but after reading Gchat it really sinks in how bad off these people are. I haven't seen any Horde myself yet but the higher levels have been camped several times in the past day and a half I have been there. Hearing them talk about that and not being able to get Ed and do something about it takes me back to when I first started on the D-spine. So I realize the further I go with this druid until I reach a resonable level and learn how to PVP with a druid I am going to have a lot of bottled up anger. Which brings me to the rest of my day.

There hasn't been a "Code Red" in some time and honestly I am feeling the rust and as a result lost my desire to PVP some what (can only take getting it up the bum so much in arena before I've had my fill) and after dinging 10 I get on Ed to see if my services were needed. Who should get my attention but my own personally Harley Quin saying the usual crap is going on in Tarren Hell. Hell I was feeling froggy so I flew in to my death but only because of the 2-1 odds (give or take .5 I dont remember just how many allies were on my flight path but I know it was about 5 i saw) and the death of Eus as I opened fire. From there it got REALLY fun. Once everyone regrouped from the chaos we walked right over the rampaging Allies which quickly turn tail and head for the heals (cept for one idiot 74 druid but we shall not waste space on him as he seems to be wanting MAS to put him on the hit list but he bored us rather quickly with his one trick pony ways). At this point many an 80 are pissed off and at one point we build to a 3 group raid and proceed to clear out the town formally known as South Shore MAS style. The group of allies that fled finally came back with more guildies and we continue to kill them like dogs as they continually proved they had no real knowledge of PVP mechanics or the likes but who are we to turn away game 80s. I know we spent hours killing them all and they even made a comeback rally killing us all after we got a little split up but we are very patient pvpers and know full well you don't go guns-a-blazing back into the jaws of death and after a clean swept of TM they seemed to get the picture and moved on (cept for 2 rogues and that blasted druid but again they bored us so we moved on). Now I don't normally do this but I must salute for bring their guild out to play with us. Snuggles had much fun gnawing on your bones. Please do come back again. With me gimped on another PVP server I will be needing some people to help me vent fustration after all.

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  1. Omgosh, those last two nights were so great! Having them run like scalded dogs!!! We haven't wiped them out MAS style in a while. Secondly, I'm glad you rolled on Cho'gall. I really want people out there to know just how bad it is. Something tells me that the horde on there couldn't pvp if their lives depended on it.