Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Low Time

So its been a while since I've posted here and with good reason. Nothing of interest to me to write about is happening at present. Been running Naxx 10 with guild with mixed results thought mostly positive but at current I have seen no reason to post about that. I haven't run anything for myself in about 2 weeks now, not playing low level alts at the present since (I'd rather wait for 3.2 to get the new mount pricing) and am just starting to bring Tytanya back into action. Is this saying I am bored with WoW. By no means there is just nothing pressing for me to write about, however I need to keep the habit up so lets see what I can scrounge up.

Patch 3.2

Overall this patch is mostly a disapointment to me but rather than spend weeks bad mouthing the changes here I am more interested in waiting to see what happens when things hit the live servers. Many things make little sense to me and at the moment seem to be making an easy game even MORE easy. Lowing mount costs yet again ticked me off more than the first time they did it but thats more killed my desire to work on alts than anything and if you think about it isnt really gonna make anything that much easier as people still have to earn the gold to get the mounts even if it is cheaper and at level 20. My hopes for beast mastery changes are dying pretty fast as the only changes coming are the very things that get us nerfed in the first place, buffing the pet more. Ret changes have me a little more happy as that pain in the ass Seal of Blodd is going bye bye and Seal of Command and Coruption are getting buffs as well as some changes to our mechanics that I am eager to see in action. There are some healing changes I haven't been playing a ton of attention to that I plan to look into soon. There are more mounts for me to work on getting Edy and more small pets to drool over. Blah blah blah. I am really just not that concerned with whats in the patch currently like I was in 3.1.

Guild Raiding

Since we started Naxx 10 as a guild weeks ago I have been pretty pleased with over all performance but that performance has a few kinks in it. As a whole dps is rather low but is being offset by me running Edy in her raid spec and 3k to 3.8k dps definately pulls up dps numbers to about where they should be in there. That sadly is my problem. There hasn't been any change in the people consistantly doing low numbers and it has nothing to do with the fact until last week we were only downing spider and nobody would try for later in the week to get more down. Naxx 10 gear is pretty equal to heroic gear however I haven't seen the low numbers doing there heroic homework either to improve their numbers and hinting they need to seems to not be working. So what to do? Well Ty needs gear and is very Naxx ready for dps and ok for healing (I have done both on her before) so I am thinking its time for people to see for once where they REALLY are and take Ed out of the equation.

Well there is your update. Other than being sad I could never get my worgen pet and never will there is only the same shit on a different day. Here's hoping things pick up.

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