Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cue the Music, and Where is Mr. Sterling With My Intro?

Its been quite the interesting few weeks for the Ed, both in game and out. In game I have managed to pick up a few new achievements from my extended guild relations with the Wasted Rock Rangers, and got the 1 drake in Sarth (specially heroic which made me very happy from my horribly pissy week).

Managed to get another couple of steps closer to my violet proto-drake as I battled my hatred of my battle group and braved the battlegrounds getting to be Matron Edyion after spending a few days as a bunny for noble garden.

Also got my much longed after Egbert and I have to admit the lil' guy was well worth the year wait as I was a lowly 40something when it first rolled around.

That aside my weirdness levels did spike as a came across bear getting "friendly" with a human in one of the Dalaran bank which was a bit like walking into a Fear and Loathing moment but entertaining none the less.

That being said my week really peaked when I found myself without power for about 20 hours between Sunday and Monday as some genious working for the power company decided to flip the transformer off to the street WITH power after a huge storm and then conveniently forget we existed untill the next afternoon leaving me hungry (we were cooking), highly pissed (I was removing myself from my mother's way with a bg for my title when the power went bye bye), and somewhat depressed over the dinner we never got to eat cause we couldnt finish making it. The mere thought of the lost mac and cheese that wasn't done baking and I was craving STILL brings a tear to my eye. The fact we got no warning or reason why they even did it in the first place wasnt helped by the fact the storms continued and of course since this is tornado country we had no way to know if there was anything to worry about at the time and when they finally DID get bitched at enough to turn it back on it took them all of 3 minutes to park, extend the pole, flip the breaker, put up said pole and drive off to turn the damn power back on. I was and am still not a terribly happy Edy but at least they turned it back on before everything other than our dinner went bad.

So thats whats been up of late. So as I watch Night Gallery and what for my headache to decide to leave I cant help but think my weekend should have been narrated by Rod Sterling. Would be a fitting wrap up don't you think?

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