Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too Much Too Fast?

Have we the gaming community of World of Warcraft come to expect too many grand things in too short a time? This is a question I have found myself asking a lot since even before Lich hit the shelves. For me it became a bit of a concern (well concern is probably not the right word for it but its the best I got right now) when I found out about Recruit a Friend. Now I will never be among the cane swinging elder WoWers yelling at the whippersnappers frolicking through my Azeroth but I did see a bit of a problem with the sheer speed that could be allowed for a person to level up in the game. Then came the DK and all of a sudden all the learning one would recieve just learning to group and things from lower levels don't really get learned anymore. Now I'm not saying its not cool to get to the top to see your friends and do stuff with them. Not in the least. I know I worked my butt off leveling Edy to 70 so I could actually be of help to my friends that got me playing and was very happy when I did. I was also fortunate enough to belong to a guild and have friends in that guild that got me into running instances well before I was ready for outland even if it was just to play tag-a-long. I learned by watching and as soon as I could move and not die I learned through trial by fire what was good for me to do in a party and what wasn't.

I dont really see alot of that anymore (even in guild which is partly my fault as well cause I have a hard time wanting to run lowbies through things these days) as its all about getting the big 8 0 and getting all the pretty purples you can find, even if some are crap (when you see somebody in something like the crap resistance gear you can craft you know its simply cause they see EPIC and start drooling on themselves). Now even that doesn't bother me so much as the entitlement new players that have been able to race to 80 seem to feel about the end game goodness before them. True its not a huge step to go straight into Naxx if you are only in blues (pain the ass for others yes but thats a topic for another time) simply skipping heroics all together. Personally I think heroics are just a primer to get one metally ready for the fact what you do in a reg is nothing like what you do in a heroic/raid setting. You won't have the same dps. Stuff hits harder and you may actually be required to somewhat know what you are doing. Now is it like walking into something like what Kara once was in terms of being on your game? Not really, well not till the bosses anyway. Trash in general is all about how much AoE can you serve up on X amount of baddies but "oh shit" moments still happen and thats where you can tell who has actually learned something about the game.

Dps I will use to explain what I mean since I understand our role much better than that of tanking and healing. Dps should constantly be aware of where they are in position to tank and heals and most importantly how much threat they generate. "But why should I worry about threat? Shouldn't the tank do that?" Yes and no. Yes the tank should be aware of how much threat he is putting out. But in contrast how can the tank get you start dpsing the enemy before he even gets to it, if you start dpsing a mob the tank didn't have marked for primary dps (yes if the tank doesnt mark this doesn't count), or you face roll your keyboard hitting every high powered thing you have on the bar and pull aggro off the tank? I'm sorry sir or madam that is all your fault and if you understood your role and class that would not happen in the first place. You do that in a raid you either kill yourself, the healer if you happen to be next to them and by proxy everybody in the raid, or a variable number of other dps due to the tank having to chase down what you just brought on yourself and thus losing more aggro on other mobs.

Getting back to the topic of too much too fast is the content itself. Blizzard has been spinning the gears trying to pump out new stuff as fast as their lil' slaves can program but lets get real here. How long can they keep this pace up befoer everything starts to suffer? We are use to the many bugs from patch to patch and have even come to expect it. Part of the deal with the devil I suppose. Anyway with the lastest patch it ended up being a bit rougher than usual and what sucks is if Blizz had just broken it down into smaller patches over time most of the problems wouldn't have happened at all cause they would have found and fixed them (well we hope so anyway) but even that isnt the thing that bugs me. Bugs are a pain in the ass but livable. Its the whining I get tired of. "I am so bored with the new content Blizzard WAAAAAAH!!!" I see this so much it makes me ill. "I dont have anything to do?" Um what about the dailies and instances? You blew through those/don't do them? Hmm must suck to be you. Guess you wait like the rest of us for something new or go do something else. There are other games. Nobody is making you play if you really are that bored you would find something better to do with your time. Blizz gave us plenty to do. Some you will like others you wont but thats part of a game this vast to please so many there is no way to make everything something everybody will like to do. Why dont you actually take the time to look at what you have in front of you instead of crying to Blizzard to make you something new to get bored with in a few days. Actually take your time and admire all the work that went into making what you have before you. Maybe I am strange and actually value quality over quanity. Of course I also like to read which might I add is how I pass my time when I feel bored with the game.

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