Friday, June 5, 2009


Well those of you that know me personally know I was hacked this past Wednesday briefly. I was attacked while I was online and checked my email so I basically watched as every attempt I made to stop the attack failed and my account was transferred into the hands of a person I will probably never even cross paths with again in life. Surprisingly as much as I value Edy in particular and the thought of ever loosing her terrifies me that wasn't my first concern. It was M.A.S. and the fact due to certain factors I had no way to tell anybody that the person touching Edy wasn't me. Since I was online when I kicked and violated however I had been chatting so my guild members were being chatty with me, in particular Ruhtra was whispering thinking that it was me as well and I think that probably saved some of my stuff as well as the guild which the guy was apparently about to help himself to before he was spooked. My damages are a bit all over the place with all my gold gone and various items missing like my one-handers on Edy and my tank shield and sword on Ty but strangely no other gear missing on her considering he could have simply disenchanted it all (meaning two sets of armor with half a tanking set) and left my pally with nothing. Edy's gear was equally disposable with the fact I mainly use raid gear that isnt tier so it can simply be sold off.

None of that really matters though. I put off typing this cause I wanted to understand how it was I truly felt about the whole situation before I tried to put it in words. Strangly while I am hurt and I feel violated I feel more sad that there is a need for people to do this type of things to other players rather than actual anger. Yes I was extremely angry after the hour it took to get my account back (though not with Blizzard as even though 30 minutes of that time was me on hold they did get me my account back in a matter of minutes and helped me set up my security things again). I would have been even more angry if anything had happened to the guild as a result of my compromize. I don't always get along with everybody in M.A.S. and I might get tired of certain treatment and even want to leave from time to time but they are my family and to think my babies could be used to do harm under no control of my own really grinds my damn gears. After that was the surreal feeling of looking to see what was different and missing. Money was obvious right off but it was the picking through my bags and banks that really made it all sink in. I dont think it was even real to me until I ended up at a flight point and realized I didn't even have the gold to fly to Dalaran. That hurt. Then to see my 2 favorite swords were gone hurt even worse. It's not like I need them to play Edy as I have a polearm that is much better its more the fact it took me so long to get them. I never see them drop and the only times I have were the times I got them and the effort that went into that made that hurt much more than losing all my gold. I have spent and earned so much gold I can't imagine how much I have had since I started. Thinking about it in the hours and day following this happening to me I was probably more angry when it happened to Eus.

Now I didn't realize I felt as upset about the whole thing as I did later that night. Running Naxx for money and praying we didn't wipe cause I couldn't afford repairs (I had just finished my dailies right before) and most profoundly not wanting to log off at all. I was scared to. I had run every scan I had at least 3 times at this point so I knew everything bad was gone and no signs of any other problems came up or have since its just I was terrified that I would log off and come back to find everything gone. I am not sure I could play this again if I lost Edy for good.

Now the best I can figure is I somehow got into a bad site that got my info as nothing came up on my scans. I check my addresses dont get me wrong but it could have been as simple as one missed letter in an address. Shit happens and nobody is perfect. This wouldn't be a problem however without the damn need for gold sellers in the first place. Let's just be honest here we all know thats the prime reason to hack somebody's account and rape them like this. I have never supported nor will I ever support gold selling. I think its stupid. This is an online game and if you are too fucking lazy to make your own gold as easy as it is to in this game then you shouldn't be playing in the first damn place. It is not harmless. There is no garantee the people you buy it from are earning it the ways you are too lazy to do your damn self. I say assume the worse before you do buy gold. Assume its your best friend you had no idea was playing the game that just got hacked so you could be lazy. Assume its a 10 year old kid or some housewife that does this as a hobby. Assume its the guy that's been playing the game from the start that just made a wrong click or something and system gets jacked right from under him. Assume the gold you are paying real world money for has just been stolen right out of your own pocket and you are about to lose everything you hold dear in this game. Don't just tell yourself some poor overworked asian is making your money for you. Then stop yourself. Proceed to stand in front of a baseball launcher and get hit square in the nuts for ever buying/thinking of buying gold. If they didn't have a fucking market they wouldn't have a need to do this to people trying to enjoy their virtual lives.

Hmm the fact that my blood is now boiling after saying that part I suppose I really am angry after all.


  1. Mother F*****g Ballpeen Hammer, nuff said!

  2. Oh we can do much much better than that dear.