Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hmm to Feral or ....

I been kinda quiet in the lands of Azeroth for a little bit now that my anime habit is back in full force. I think Edy needed a little personal time and with as much as she has been up to I am sure she would agree. Now something I have been wanting to talk about for a while now are the new druid forms for cat and bear and I guess what I think about them. So far I am in love with what I see. Taurens are finally getting some improvement over that damned mangy thing they called our cat form and the new kitty is something I am pleased with. Seriously its like they found the sickliest lion in the zoo and taped some horns to the poor thing. The new catcow is definately a huge improvement over the ribs showing stragly furred ancestor. Of course this leaves me with a bit of a question as to what I am gonna do with lil Annie-o as I get back into lvling her. She will be a healer for sure but it might not be a bad idea to dual spec and keep a feral tree I can tweak for tanking and dps as needed. We no longer have a druid tank and honestly looking at the bear makes me wanna tank just cause its so sexy. Anyway time will tell as 3.2 is a long way away. I can only hope my hunter life also improves for my beloved Beast Mastery tree to make my happy complete.

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