Friday, June 12, 2009

Wonder If I Should Spec Into Elbow Grease?

Strange title yes? Leaves you wondering "WTF is she talking about?". Well let me explain. Two days ago a mage in the guild hit 80 and immediately starts trying to raid. Prior to this he had also been bugging us about promotions and why we don't raid more but considering he was the kind of guy that really didn't do much guild wise (not that expect alot out of guildies we are more of a do what you can with or without us kinda group cause of numbers) I saw this as a sign he was getting ready to bail (boohoo) and even told my GM as much in a convo with him. At the time the mage in question was about 78 and had just made the tell tale statement to us in G chat "I was wondering why you guys dont raid more" we explain, "Oh well I been asked to join some other guilds but I have no intention of leaving you guys are the shit." Having heard this on a number of occasions as with one troll priest that leveled to 80 in our guild I now translate statements like that as:

Party in question: So you guys dont raid much....this other guild does and they will hold my hand and give me epics and I dont have to do anything but be there. Maybe I will hang around to see how much I can get out of you suckers before I haul ass.

At the end of this "talk" I call him leaving somewhere between a week to two weeks tops for "greener pastures". Surprise, surprise when I log in yesterday and get a whisper "that mage left" from an elder guildie. His reason? "I met this guild they say they can carry me through raids to get geared, I want my T8. Peace" /gquit. My rebuttal? Boohoo. I'll be honest I never liked the guy. Always bragged about what gear he had on a toon that we never seen before cause his account was "hacked" and its really hard to like a guy that has to constantly flash his e-peen at people that could give a good fart about what had. From the time he joined all he did was ask for 70 runs because he didnt have wrath yet. Not that this was an issue it was mearly annoying and kinda gave some insight into his mindset, at least to myself. His lack of knowledge, despite what his grand posturing might have implied became apparent once he got wrath and started in northrend. He constantly asked about stats that any mage should have known by that point if it was actually something they worked to get.

What am I getting at and what does it have to do with my title? It's simple. Wonder if I should spec into elbow grease = (in game terms) should I do my own work or should I make others do it for me? Why should I put out the effort when I can just bug the tar out of somebody else to do the work for me? Why should I have to know anything about what I am doing?

This pisses me off honestly. I am the kind of person that when I started I loved figuring out how to do things on my own. It wasn't because I wanted to persay, but more because even though I had friends that played when I started I'd rather do it on my own than depend on them and get under foot. I had help but it wasn't often. I did/do guild runs but if its something I want I can just suck it up and get it myself in a PUG or something even though I might be fustrated to no end by shear stupidity and nerd rage. But thats fine. That just makes everything I have done and gained to this point more special to me because "I" did it myself. I might not be the best in my class or the tops of the charts but I do what I do damn well because I learned it by trial by fire. I dont have to ask which piece of gear is better for me and my spec because as I leveled I learned by my own research what worked in theory and by actual use what worked for my play style. I honestly couldn't ask anybody about anything I do in guild because nobody does it. I am the top hunter and the one thats been doing it the longest so I dont have any of those to ask. I am really the only ret pally in guild (though we have 2 tanks that have it as an off-spec but that still doesnt make them ret in my opinion) so again I have been on my own with that, and even with my holy spec I ask for tips rarely because its better if I learn it on my own.

I can't understand this "I need others to do for me" kind of mentality and actually find it to be a bit of a slap in my face. Why should I carry you your first time? Nobody carried me ( and most of the time nobody carried the others in the group either or they woulnt have the skill to carry you (also my opinion)) and as such I shouldn't have to carry you. Why do my work then do yours too? What the hell is in it for me? So you got gear? Then what? You still dont know how to use it. What use are you to me then? Just another geared placeholder thats gonna get angry cause when we are fianlly all the same "level" you still will be being carried but nobody will be able to and you will become "that guy" they wonder why they brought.

Now as much as I would like to appologize to those this offends, I refuse. This is how I feel and if you dont like it maybe you should think about WHY this makes you angry. I dont recall anywhere in this game or its contract where it says I have to spoon feed anybody anything. If you put forth the effort its more enjoyable (at least to me but excuse me for thinking I'm rational). Does this apply to every case? No. I am viewing this in respect to main toons, extras are a whole different kettle of fish. Am I just bitter cause nobody carried me? No and I have recieved my share of help dont get me wrong but I value my work and pain. I prize the elbow grease that went into Edy. I just dont understand how somebody can expect or WANT to be carried. Whats the point of playing a game if you dont, you know, PLAY?

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