Monday, March 22, 2010

Knowing What I Know Now

Ok though I would have loved to have only the exact song for my blog this is the closest thing I can get to what I wanted so if you would be go kind the song starts at 2:11 on the vid.


That said the reason I've posted such a song is simple, I have a lowbie hunter and for some reason this song comes to mind whenever I play her. I look back at my leveling Edy back when I knew nothing of the ways of the hunter and think to myself how horrible and not so bright I was about what I should and shouldn't do. For example:

I know now that you shouldn't fight in melee
shooting and running is fine
I know now that a pet is over powered
at least 'til you're past the 70 line
Just think of it gee,
how great it would be
if I could go back some how
and have my hunter to level oooooover
knowing what I know now

Ok I got more but putting them in song just isn't something my brain can do right now so lets just list.

I know now that as bad as mana management sucks at level 12 it never gets any better
I know now that its a good idea to always keep your pet on passive in a dungeon, in particular ones where you don't know certain things (tank, the instance itself, other dps, etc.)
I know now that strength is not a hunter stat as we don't get ranged attack power
I know now that 80% of other hunters that have played longer than me still don't know these things
I know now that 90% of people you party with in WoW will assume you are that hunter in the 80%
I know now that feign death is the best hunter skill ever
I know now that some pets are smarter than others (I think I wrote a post about this in the past)

So what would you do different if you could do it over again?

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