Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blizzard We Have a Problem

Well I was gonna post this yesterday....and I would have. I ran into a problem however. Naxxramas decided it liked me and my raid. It wouldn't let us go. FOR HOURS. I must have set a record for continuous volley at somewhere around a hour and 30 mins. Nothing like lagging out when you have full on aggro with a horseman on a trash pull. Oh by the way, this happened to us about 4 times. Gotta love patches.

All bitching aside (I have to stop now I or I will start grumbling about that damn sword that refuses to drop for me) 3.1 has brought me some happiness. Dual spec has arived and Ty has gone ret/holy and I can't wait to start learning. Edy has the Argent Tournament to keep her busy as I countinue to feed her need for mounts and pets. I feel refreshed for now. Its not all roses however. The Naxx thing wasn't really that big a deal to me honestly. Instance lock-up are just a fact of life for WoW life after a patch and I must admit with all that this patch has brought with it. Add-ons authors where on the ball and have updated everything in a very timely manner which I will admit blows my mind (specially with all the ungrateful users that seem to think the people have nothing better to do that be bitched at cause the didn't have a fix the very minute the patch hits) and i had all mine I use working in a matter of an hour. My main gripe is that dual spec really doesn't work for a hunter too well. Yes we can ds and I have it however the problem that is killing me and preventing me from actually using my ds is that my pets dont work as well. I have to go through a lot of hell to get my pet's spec to match mine. Most of the time the spec wont change like it is suppose to when I say go from BM to SV. Well what is suppose to happen is say Snuggles is out his spec would change with mine too. That doesnt happen. I switch several not suppose to do that things happen at random. ONCE it worked right. The very first time I used it. After that I have had my pet lose all his points when i switched (which i prefer of the things that have happened) and had the talent points carry from one spec to the other which in turn WIPES all my pet spells and makes me have to go all the way to a city with a pet trainer and respec my damn pet. I mean come on why has it got to be that hard to do a simple dual spec switch????

Now what is it I can do about this? Well first off I could just use that nifty new spell I just got, call stable, and just have a pet I specifically wanna use for my off spec. Oh wait, that has a frickin 30 minute cooldown. Hmm so since I set up my DS so in a fight when I cant really depend on my pet I have an out I would basically be stuck for 30 minutes in one spec while others dance from spec to spec on the fly. I call BULL. So here is what I do. I stay BM and wait a month (hopefully just weeks) for Blizzard to say "hmm we might wanna fix this" so I can affectively switch my specs or I just keep looking for another way to make it work for me. Oh well I still have the tournament.

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