Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crazy Tasty Creepy

Ok today will be a post out of the norm for what I have intended Code Red to be about, but as the server is still down and I waiting to get into the great 3.1 goodness I have found myself with some free time. Now as usual when I find myself unable to get my WoW fix I fall back into what is one of my original drugs, horror movies.

I have done a few drafts of this post. Most were long rants of why I have a problem with American horror of late but I decided against that. So instead of going with the usual bitching I figured I might as well plug a few movies that stand out amongst the steaming piles of crap and even more crappy/gimmicky remakes:

Repo! A Genetic Opera

Not purely horror if you are looking for a scare but tops my list of must see just because its so amazing. I mean come on any movie that can make Paris Hilton look like a GOOD actress has to have something going for it. Its a rock opera along the lines of those from 70s cult fame and its done by the guys that brought is the original Saw movies. Yes is a musical and what not but its got your gore its got your story its got the good period. Watch it. Then judge.


This is the film that George Ramero made before Land of the Dead and being a fan of his work I checked it out. Movie focuses on a man who's life is basically a lie and everyone he is close to walks on him like a doormat till one morning he wakes up and there is a white mask-like face where his used to be. From there he decides he has some "accounts" to settle. Reminded me a little of American Psycho but not really. Thats just the only movie I can think of that comes close to how this feels. Its weird and entertaining so I recommend giving it a shot.

The Burrowers

You know honestly I was kinda surprised I liked this one. I don't really like westerns and I am not thrilled when my horror gets western on it but this one was pretty good. Its not a movie to look for jumps and is more of a drama with some beasties thrown in with a good spattering of "well thats just messed up" on top. Story revolves around this settlement in the west and they are attacked by what they think is idians and a search party is sent out to find the missing women and children from the families that where attacked. As they search men start being picked off in the night without a trace. The only clues are strange holes and stories from the indians of "Burrowers".

From Within

This one was shown in last year's Hororfest and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the more interesting horror movies I have seen in a few years. In this one we have a small bible belt type town where a rash of suicides has begun to plague these God fearing people and whispers are beginning to spead. Whispers of a dark dark sin that has been commited.

Yeah I am not that great at the whole synopses thing but I definetely wanted to give a shot for these movies. Award worthy? No....well Repo is but the others not so much. I just think they are worth spreading the word about incase there are other horror buffs like me with some time to kill. Who knows I might do this again if I find something else I feel is worth the time.


  1. Anything with a great scare factor, or a great zombie movie works for me :)...Thank God for George Romero!

  2. Ya know since nothing really scares me in movies anymore i wouldn't really say these are scary. But they are something different from the present trend. From Within is probably the one with the scare in it if i had to call one.