Monday, April 27, 2009

Tell Me Of A Story

Ok I haven't posted in a bit cause I have been a little busy with WoW life itself but yesterday I read an interesting article at WoW Insider about with Varian Wrynn is Right in his continued hatred of all Horde. Though I found it a bit biased it was a well written article and I do agree with why it justifies Varian's hate. That wasn't what I found interesting however. I was intrigued by the political tone of the article as well as the fire it seemed to have lit under many a Horde and Alliance supporter alike and how black and white people seem to want to make the issue of lore. Yes, yes I know old habits die hard. Horde was bad for so long people just cant see our softer side. I also know Alliance is all holy rolly righteous with their deeds whether they be good or bad that its kinda hard to not see yourself as good verse everything that is not us. Its how the sides are written but there is much more depth there to see.

Horde is not "bad". We are messed up in numerous ways but not bad by any means. Horde is a bunch of black sheeps nobody wants. Orcs are still blood thirsty but they are a warrior race and old habits die hard. Not every orc can be as willing to let go of being a displaced warrior peoples that has a lot of bagage to deal what with whole "demons controlled my peoples" thing and all that brought with it. Trolls are kicked around alot and even the trolls of the Horde don't get along with their other cousins too much and are constantly having people (yes even my blood elves) kick them out of their homes. The Forsaken are probably the most aptly named of the Horde bcause of all they have been through. I mean really how would you feel if you where enslaved by the lich king in undead servatude, break free only to have your friends and loved ones start hunting you down no different than the very creatures that made you and then have nothing left to turn to but yourselves and alot of shady dealings to just survive. Not to mention what effect being dead have on one's mental state to begin with. Then there is my beloved Blood Elves that have been kicked out for thinking they where better and getting addicted to magic by their night elven cousins. Being fortunate enough to not turn into nagas (yes we are vain) surviving the illnesses that come with not being immortal anymore, finding a new home and having to fight trolls (yeah sorta sorry about that nothing personal) to keep it, team up with the alliance for a while then they leave us on our own to fend for ourselves, have our leader build us up then take the power for himself leaving those of us that wouldn't be bought by the power to try and rebuild YET again. Oh and did I mention we still have that pesky magic addiction?

All that said I wont claim we are saints by any means. Hell the most peaceful looking of all of us are Taurens and they have splinter factions of their own looming in the darkness. That said I think thats part of what drew me into this game. I like the grey areas. I live for the little things like the "yes I know this happened but this is why it happened and what the other side did". I love flaws in my stories cause it makes it interesting to me. If I wanted this is good faction and this is the bad one I would go back to city of heroes/villians.

Now I am Horde because I like how disfunctional we are. That to me is more interesting that when I spend time on the alliance side trying to convince myself that we are the law and how we see it is how it is. Thats not saying that the Alliance isn't without its flaws I just haven't paid as much attention to it (but probably will now this has peaked my interest) just pointing out the shades of gray I have noted in the time I have played.

Anyway back to the whole Varian thing. I thought it was interest people felt he needed to be defended in the first place. I personally think the guy is a hot head but that doesn't make him all wrong either. Its the finger pointing and the use of "horde/alliance appologizers" in the article and in the responses. Appologize for what? For the way the game was written? For the things Blizzard has personally written in that SHOW said areas of gray? Are we appologizing because we really can't make a black and white issue of such a thing? I dunno I just find appologizer to be a poor choice of word. And now that I have managed to lose my train of thought on the subject I think it would be worth while to maybe take time and examine both sides in the lore with more depth for myself and kinda note it here from time to time. I wouldn't hold my breath on it but its a thought.

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