Sunday, April 12, 2009

Code Red: What It Is and Why You Have Been Warned

Ok so after looking over some older posts and thinking about it I have realized I have made a great omission dear reader. I never told you exactly "what" a Code Red is and why I felt the need to name my blog after it. No, it has nothing to do with Mountain Dew though I have been known to drink a code red dew from time to time, no its not medical related, and originally it actually had nothing to do with M.A.S. itself though they may believe otherwise :).

What "Code Red" refers to is an inside joke between me and my partner in crime in Daggerspine and my favorite suicidal healer, Eus. After she began dragging me around the lands of Azeroth and into M.A.S. I randomly realized something about us in my vast nerd mind. I realized the way we ran around when I was helping her hit the 70 cap was a hell of a lot like two of my favorite DC comics characters, one Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. She being Harley for the fact she is slightly insane, scares the piss out of poor Edy more often than not, gets me in way more trouble than I could manage on my own, and likes to make things taste her mace (doesn't help her husband is very Joker-esque). That being said Edy became Ivy cause of her red hair (Harley has blonde so Eus's white hair worked there), her best laid plans going ary due to one crazy partner, and though I too am crazy (just as Ivy is) I am much more planned in my chaos. Now with this history told and if you have any knowlegde of said characters you know Harley has a habit of simply calling Poison Ivy "red", and as such when 3.0.2. hit Eus wasn't all that happy when the Ed went black since I always wished that I had made her hair black from the start.

Now Eus was a good sport about it all and Edy switched back and worth depending on my mood but after her account was hacked and Eus was taken away for a short time I felt really lost without the Lucy to my Ethel. I had just gone red again and was concidering going black Ed in memory of the lost pally till it all worked out but never got around to it and as such she got her account back and all was good again. Then one day I told her I was gonna do the black hair again and she told me "Hell no" pretty much. I asked her why and she said well it was cool if I wanted to but if there was PVP hell to raise I would have to have the red hair again. It wouldn't be Harley and Ivy without it. After alot of back and forth and finally I caved but wondered how I would know if it was the BIG oh shit pvp or just her wanting to drag me into a random ass fight and she told me she would call a Code Red. So I agreed. I had no idea she would actually hold me to it....though thinking back I was stupid to think she woudn't. I went to another color of hair and sure enough like a day later she called a Code Red (which confused the hell out of the guild might I add) but being an Ed of my word I came a-runnin' and went straight to the barber to bring out the red Ed and off I went to die, Snuggles in tow.

From there the Code Reds got a bit out of hand and I couldn't do anything for gettting called to fight, which is fine and all but damn a woman needs a break from time to time. Other guildies started wanting to call them as well to which I had to speak up. So we made rules.

*Code Red can only be called by Eus (or a Eusy alt) to be official. Even Ed herself can not call a Code Red but simply beg for some assistance (ya I've had this happen before....ny guild found it damn funny the red in the code red couldn't call it. But seriously how the hell can I call myself into action?)

*Edyion is not obligated to answer any non-Eus issued Code Reds and as such she may or may not come running depending on how pissy she is that day.

*To ask for a Code Red to be called you better have a damn good reason. Edy is sworn to answer any and all official Code Reds and as such will be highly upset if she left an alt in the middle of nowhere or stop making money to hope on Edyion and come a running.

*There is no mercy in a Code Red. If it is red it is dead. Level is no longer a concern. If M.A.S. is answering a Code Red (mostly if i have been dragged out here) then there will be blood the time for nice has been and gone.

Now i did have to put my foot down at one point in my responses to Code Reds as Eus was getting a bit trigger happy and wearing my ass out. At one point it was like every day at least once a day a Code Red was called and there is only so much PVP I can handle before the bitch in me comes out and I change Edy to the black Ed and ignore everybody. So I managed to get it scaled back a little and the guild has grown to expect and look for Code Reds and as such we tend to get good turn out for Code Red alerts. In general all guildies stay till we all get bored or something more pressing comes up and they have to leave. We might be called to one area for the Code Red (usually Tarren Mill) but a Code Red is not a stationary thing and usually branches out into roaming from one side of Azeroth to another leaving no survivors in our wake. Ended up in the Alliance start zone in Howling Fjord one time cause of that.....good times *smiles to self*.

And now that I have lost my train of thought THAT my friensd it what a "Code Red" is, how it works and why allies have been warned. We dont win every fight but we dont give up very easily either. If you camp a M.A.S.ter you have been warned and better be looking for a fight cause if ther is a Code Red we will sure as hell be looking to bring you one.


  1. Yes, folks. It's true. Code Red is exactly what you just read about! Oh, and that reminds me, anyone from the Daggerspine ally guild Peerless....WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!! If we see you, consider yourself marked for a CODE RED! That is all :)

  2. See what i have to deal with? Always causing trouble...

  3. /sigh

    Try being married to her!

    On a side note, Peerless, it was a lot of fun the other day, even when we were outnumbered 10 - 4. Love that old world PVP stuff.