Saturday, April 18, 2009

Isn't That Interesting

Well the last two days I have had the opportunity to actively use dual spec and I must say its shown me something interesting. Yes, it's still buggy but it simply clears my pet points on Edy so that's something I can deal with and with Ty I have yet to have any issues arise.

Starting with Ty, I've gotten to heal two instances with some guildies and my boyfriend for some practice and I think I'm starting to get the hang of healing a bit better. We did Culling of Stratholme and Utgarde Pinnacle today and both went very well. Only one real wipe happened when Meathook decided I was his special friend and he wanted to keep me in place with his chains so I couldn't keep up at all with the healing but other than that nothing else went too wrong. Had a few "fugde!" moments but I managed to heal through them and general I think it went well and I will love healing with Ty at this rate.

Edy on the other hand had a rather interesting night of discovery in my second venture into Maly's house. I noticed something odd the other day when I set up my second spec for SV but I didn't think too much about it. I dont know a thing about SV dps so I figured I just didnt have much of a rotation to see the dps that supposed to be there. I tried once in Naxx to use SV and had the exact same low dps problem so again I chalked it up to not really knowing the spec. Last night proved there was an issue however. From the first time I went in EoE I knew dpsing as a BM hunter was gonna be a problem just because I am so dependant on my pet and that is not really a very pet friendly fight so I decided what better place to open up SV and see what its got for me than a fight I have to dps more on my own. So I did and I was almost shocked by how bad I did. Even not knowing a good rotation I should have done alot better dps than 1.6k in that fight but 1.6k is exactly what I got and my damage was laughable. So one wipe down I say bump that and switch back to BM and summon Gaz and her space lazer so my pet has some range on it. At this point there was a little down time since one of our healers was in a foul mood and decided to opt out to calm himself and one of the warlocks takes an interest in me being in bm mode:

Him: Bm is bad you should be SV fo sho.
Me: I was in SV that last fight. I only got 1.6k dps that whole time so I am switching.
Him: But BM is bad... (pause) in your gear you should do way more in SV than you can in BM.
Me: Thats nice but it wasn't working so lets see how this works. I dont know SV very well anyway.
Him: Whats to know? Black Arrow, serpent sting, explosive shot, steady shot, multi shot rinse repeat
Me: Yes thats what I was basically doing so now I am gonna try this and see how it goes I know I can do my part of the dps in BM

At this point he leaves me be for the next five minutes then decides "she is a retard i am all knowing and as such will embarasse her infront of all present" and calls me out in vent on it. I just smile and nod. This dude is from a guild I have run with before and in general dont like because they are know it alls so I just wait for us to start. So we do and we wipe before second phase because we just dont have the right heals for it. And after I bring it up again in raid chat.

Me: See I did 2.1k just in that little span and 2xs the damage.
Him: indeed you did....odd...

We called it after that because they had been there a while I was asked to come help dps and over all it went well its just some of us didnt know the fight so 3rd phase killed us the first wipe i was in and we just didnt have the heals for the 2nd attempt. And as much as I dislike people imposing "you are stupid this is how it is done" on people its just as nice to shut them up by showing them you might not know what you think you know. There are probably many reasons sv isnt working for me. One is I dont know how to be a SV hunter but even so that wouldn't explain the crap dps numbers. Doesnt matter at much though even with my lack of knowledge of the shots I do have a basic understanding of rotation so it still should have been resonable. Two dual spec is buggy there could be something wrong with it making it not recognize everything I have set up or ranks or something cause I have every skill purchased to level. Three, it might be the nerf to explosive shot hit just as hard as I was expecting it to and thats why it is doing so poorly. Time will tell

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