Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Worry Lil' Boy Snuggles Doesn't Bite.....Well Not The People that Feed Him That Is

Ok I am now the famed Edyion of Silvermoon as I have just completed my first city run for the ever so demanding Argent Tournament. Not that I am not used to quest givers sending me off to do their dirty work for them but at least the Argent folks and my own blood elven brethern found it in their hearts to recognize me with titles and money and a good ol' "thank you Edy for being our whipping girl you dun good". And as excited as I was to earn that title (you gotta be exalted with said city you represent and looky there already up and done that) the ever so kind Argent people decided to give me my own pet.

They failed to tell me he would be a child but lemons into lemon-aid I suppose.

But by god if he isn't a cute lil' devil.

So here is what I have figured. The Argent Tournament is nothing but a cleaver ploy to get greedy...I mean patriotic players to come and fly their banners colors and get rid of most of the badies in the area then when all is said and done they ship an orphan off with that kind soul. One less mouth to feed and the new champion is left confused but somewhat honored.

I was in party with my boyfriend when I told him I had somehow been slipped a small child, to which he promptly responded "its not mine" and I rebutted "Hell I dont even think its mine looking at it". He did however see fit to name our "son" Link and I am doing my best to teach him the ways of his new job (also called "feed mama's pets and walk them cause she doesn't want to") though the poor kid does seem a little afraid of Snuggles but I am positive they will work it out as long as he remembers not to look Snuggs in the eye when he is in the middle of a cat lick and not to follow him around when he is trolling for druid kitties. As soon as he gets the hang of walking Gir and Enma at night I think we will get along just fine. And I promise to do minimal tramatizing to the poor boy we I can avoid it.

Oh Argent Crusade you know not what you have done.


  1. Hmm, think he would want to walk Widowmaker, Smiley, Rockey, and Gerty? Oh and he can clean Leo's Aquarium!

  2. That kinda defeat him being "my" squire now doesn't it?