Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Pleasant Reminder

For the past few weeks I have been doing my best to not address the inter turmoil of M.A.S. here with you kind people. My guildies that read this already know how I feel about it and I don't feel is necessary to drag you into a long ass rant about how upset I am with certain former M.A.S. members. So I won't. I am very proud to be a member of M.A.S. and honored to have been allowed hold a position and help my guild family through the good and the bad. Yes I take it a bit personal when people step on us. But we will survive.

I should actually thank all parties involved with the great defection as the did something for me personally I have been missing in this game. You see by nature I can't stand people. Most tend to be fake and I can't stand that. It makes me very angry so I have nothing to do with them in general. Well I hadn't really had to deal with that in game so I was a bit more open and nice than I am normally inclined to be. This has been fixed for me now. I have been lied to alot in the past few weeks and a few people have lost any respect I might have held for them and as such I will no longer have anything to do with them. Is this a personal decision? Partically, but mostly they have allowed me to bring out the part of me that lets me coupe with such situations. Edy does not give a damn anymore would be the best way to put it. So I will let my apathy towards these people maintain my happiness in game. And this empathy will help me maintain what little civil conversation comes up with these people. Yah I might be dealing with this a little hard but lets think about it. No matter how much you want to think that World of Warcraft is just a game its not. Its people. Its the people you walk around in the store with. Its the people you meet on the street and never say a word to. If you talked to them you would like some and others you wouldn't. Some are snakes. Others gems in a sea of filth. Peoples feelings get hurt and relationships die as a result. Thats what happens if you have associations with people RL or in game. I see that the clearest now, I accept it wholey now, and from here we move on.

The Ed has spoken.

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  1. It is hard to handle things when you are hurt. I think the things that happened hurt and surprised all of us.

    One of the things I have always respected about you the most is how you are a person, the relationship that you've built with everyone.

    I've enjoyed my time in the game with you and I look forward to more time with a better, stronger, more unified MAS in the future. . .