Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Aftermath

Blizzcon has come and gone and now we are left to stew over the ins and outs of all the information dropped in our waiting laps. Now since I am the most concerned with hunter changes and they are the ones that will after me the most in the time to come.

Now I for one any not running around screaming "the end is nigh" and I probably wont be. Why you ask? Well A.) I am actually excited they are changing us and B.) I dont want to freak until its closer to time to worry. We are a class with a resource system that never really fit was it is we do. Hunters are not casters. In general we cant be silenced, we dont actually use spells with few exceptions, and its never really worked for us like it does for other casters. For as long as I have been playing I know I've had problems maintaining my mana pool. Viper is awesome in thought but its never been a solid answer. Before I had it I just stopped and drank water every few seconds. Once I had it (before it was in its present state) when I was questing I always had it on just cause it was easier than stopping in the middle of the quest grind. Snice the change its just a good way to lose your dps cause sooner or later (some specs more so than others) you WILL have to take that 50% reduction and try and get your mana pool back on a long boss fight. Not to mention the tendancy to forget the damn thing is on with all the micro management of pets and yourself in a raid or instance. So why is it everyone is so sure that focus is gonna be the death of us before we even see the near finished result for it?

Yes, change is scary but this could be a godsend. Who knows this could end up making hunters a stand out class to more people. Maybe even convert a few or bring back people to its fold. Its gonna take some getting used to. It wont be the same class in some ways but thats not always a bad thing. I wait with open arms as it stands for it and for the ammo changes (which I also hear crying about but not as loudly). No matter what Snuggles and I will be there to see the end product and beyond. Cant fight your heart after all.

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