Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Edy's Theory on Pets: This Cat is Will Be The Death Of Me

As the awaited 3.2 patch looms before us with days of errors and bugs I would like to take the opportunity to revisit a topic near and dear to this hunter's heart. Pets. Now as I have stated before in previous posts, I have a very strong opinion that pets in WoW vary in ui from different types of the same family, and much to my surprise my time on Cho'gall has given me the prefect test subjects for said theory.

Now let us start with my poor little hunter, Artashia. Tashia is having enough of a struggle what with being knee deep in horde in the middle of Iron Forge that she ended up with the one kitty in the whole of the Exodar crash sight determined to avenge all his fallen brothern that the space goats smashed into kitty paste with their not too soft landing. Boris SEEMED ok at the start.

Just a happy death kitty helping mama get X amount of X killed for X loot. Then Tashia began to notice a pattern when numberous mobs where invovled. Dear Boris began to bring her too many play mates and would continue to do so with glea until she was forced to run her space goat butt to safety only to have to try again. Tashia thought this strange but never the less wanted to have faith in her kitty though she did coin the phrase "this cat will be the death of me" when talking to her partner in crime. The final nail inthe coffin came when Tashia was given the task of murloc control in the wetlands. All was well....for a while....when Boris decided that one camp of murlocs simply wouldn't do and the moment was right for the assassination of his hooved opressor and set his plan into action. Now I am honestly not aware of how many murlocs came in this assalt. I was a bit too busy killing the bastards as long as I could before having Tashia make her last run for survival, out running two murloc with 5 hp to spare. I do have to commend Boris in his attempt, he did almost manage to take me with him and normally murlocs are mean enough to kill without any help from mr. pissy kitty things just weren't in his favor. Thank the Naruu for mobs having leashes. So Tashia decides to throw herself off a bridge and run to Eversong to claim a more ...resonable kitty.

Bela (as in Bela Lagosi) has been a prince, in fact his mood tells me he could very well be a cousin of Edy's own Snuggles. Now he is a bit more agressive that Snuggles has ever been but he does just about everything the same in terms of how the hunter can control him. Take him to those same murlocs and not a single issue arose. Maybe I, as a player, just have a better kinship with Lynx than the other types but this kind of situation has really peaked my interest in studying the difference in pet attitude. This has been a bit more fruitful than looking back at Edyion's pets long after they are gone. Tashia still has Boris and Bela so I very well could just level them both and see just what there is to see and if the pet theory holds true. This could prove to be very interesting.


  1. Yes, because this partner in crime loves the play-by-play whispers of how boris the kitty is the death of you and the play-by-play death run to eversong for bela rofl. Hence one of my points on my most recent blog "Don't underestimate the doggie!", a hunter just knows their pet. You knew how Snuggles handled and trusted him. Sure, Boris worked out for a while but he was a very eager kitty lol. Bringing mama too many treasures. So, you went with what works....Bela. Ya know, maybe it's a Kalimdor-side of the world thing. Because on Cho'gall, my precious Belenus sometimes, but not all the time, bring me treasures also. He came from...Kalimdor. So I figured it best to get my second pet and of course, I went with a doggie. Got from Elwynn Forest. I'm wondering if Eastern Kingdom pets have less problems or something....lol

  2. Hmm never thought of it that way. I wont say i think its a kalimdor problem verses eastern kingdoms as Edy got Gomez in STV and that was a very short lived relationship. Something worth exploring though.

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