Friday, August 21, 2009

Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep

Yeah you heard me right Blizzard is pulling out some big guns for the upcoming expansion. Now those that know me know I didn't really wanna believe anything that was leaked in the past weeks ( still think whoever did it should be fired) but I gotta admit watching the panel for the preview has just gotten me so pumped up for something so far off. Worgens I am excited about. Goblins not so much....well there racial mount is sick so I might play one just for that and maybe racials once I see them.

Honestly there is just too much to much to process to really say what I think. All the changes are just kinda overwhelming and not in a bad way. Changing the old world seems like a big step to me, but then I think about it. I wasn't here for vanilla and to be honest the grind to get to 60 to get to outland (which I loath) was just a chore to me. All the grinding kills and unrealized things that could have been done with them. Thats enough of that looking back. Now is the time to look forward.

They are promising alot with this expansion and honestly i am curious as to how much will actually be done (still waiting on my new dances) and live up to the promises. Tons of new dungeons, seeing zones that we have always wished to see (mount Hyjal and Uldum are two I am personally about to lose my stuffing with glee about finally seeing), and just the freshness this is bringing with it.

So since my brain is all over the place right now about what I am personally thinking about the news I just witnessed I will bring up new things that should make anybody go hells yeah.
  • The alliance have losted South Shore. HAH see M.A.S. DID make them move shop!
  • Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep for 85. *passes out from forgetting to breath after this news*
More later......

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