Saturday, August 15, 2009

Edy Rage: If You Gank Take Your Medicine

Normally I take my being ganked in stride. I was brought into Azeroth on a PVP server and I learned quickly to take my lumps in stride. Its a right of passage no need to get all up in arms about it. Don't like it, play PVE. Edy did and as such I have never been much of a PVPer though I will never back down from a fight. So it was no surprise with my lil Annie got her lil kitty butt handed to her at the inn in Tarren Mill as I logged in by some nubby alliance DK at the mail box. Sadly for this DK I was in a fairly foul mood that day ( I am a rage-er when I pms not a crier) and I promptly retreaved Edy and hunted him down just to show that would not be stood for. The DK fun was not done with this lowly DK however as two more took up his post not long after. My GM Ruhtra happened by as he too was in a mood to kill and happened upon these yahoos and dealt with them fairly well on his own before I tucked the druid somewhere safe and proceeded to help with the cleansing. Now you would think after not being able to hurt lil ol Edy very much before dropping as the DK of another disgruntaled hordey this guy would cut his losses as most people that do this sort of thing so but no he had a horde toon that he promptly jumped on to call me all sorts of names because he was rolled by 4 people of his level to get him out of town.

"Think you are soooo bad ass cause you gank somebody 4-1 real cool" is just a sample of the garbage he was cluttering my screen with.

I normally let that stuff roll off he back but I have a hair temper at the moment and that did not sit well with me. I gave him an ear full about how he of all people had the nerve to call anybody out for an unfair fight. You bring an 80 into a level 20-30 town and rape the people there yet when it happens to you its wrong. I call BS on that, but as is so often the case, he continued to try and justify himself to me. Began to "say" it wasnt him but the other guy that was killing the lowbies and how he only took out the flight path and try and make it sound like it was me who started the fight saying some horde did it to them or something. Funny how my GM saw him kill some poor 20 something lock that landed there. Never the less it didnt matter to me that he was killing lowbies or whatever he wanted to fess up to. You come into the horde town and start picking on the lowbies you should expect that somebody might kick you back before its all said and done. We do when we do it. I accept my ass whoopings with stride. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, and I explained as much to him though not in so nice terms (I have a very foul mouth and was Ed-raging I think you can imagine what came out). Continually he keeps lauging me off and well before my eye started twitching I shut him up on my screen and proceeded to camp his balls off. He logs again and talked to my GM, who he admited he couldnt remember how to spell his name, and shoot his mouth off at him. This led to us agreeing to fight him one on one (he wanted my buddy on his dk one on one and my buddy was more than happy to school him). First time he was taken down by a rogue friend of ours fairly embarassingly might I add. Next my friend schooled him two times to which he again logs and bitches to my GM yet again about how he wasnt ready, blah blah blah fluda fluda. At this point I am still pissed and want him one on one myself though he tries to sneak attack me which lead to a big red Ed and snuggles on his undead ass and my kitty chewing his nethers off as he tried to run for his life from a fight it was VERY clear he had no chance of winning.

Now its not the fact this guy ganked I have a problem with. Thats just how it is on PV servers. My problem was the QQ. Take your ass whooping and move on. You brought it on yourself and as such if you take it right out it may be much shorter and less painful (as being killed by a raging hunter pet alone has to be embarassing to a almighty DK). If this guy had never cried to any of us about how unfair what we did was when he was killing people 40 levels lower than himself he may have been left alone some what once he had moved on. The fact he tried to make himself in the right pissed me off and those with me and as such the pain was unending untill he logged from that toon for the night. If you play with fire you get burned sooner or later. Take your beating and move on. End Ed-rage....for now.

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