Monday, August 17, 2009

The "ME" Syndrome

ME sydrome - the condition of thinking all of Azeroth revolves around you when ever you desire it to.

Ok that might be a bit harsh of a definition but it gets my point across I feel. Now we all have a little ME sydrome in us from time to time. Who hasn't wanted to have somebody's attention at an exact moment in time before, or wanted that phat loot to drop from your boss or a piece of something or other just for looks. Its human nature to want some attention on yourself its just how we are. The problem arises when you cant get past that need for attention and journey into the realm of super annoying. I present a few examples of what I mean.

Case 1:the hype needy mage
I prefer not to name names. At one point I was friends with this person though not as close as he likes to think he was concidered a friend. I didn't see his ME syndrome for a while thankfully though the hints where always there. He had a habit of wanting me to talk to him none stop no matter what i was doing or how I was feeling. I am not a chatty person with most people by nature and as such I tend to like my space and would expect someone to respect that if I say I am busy or dont want to talk right then its nothing personal but simply that I dont want to be social at said point in time. For a while I thought this mage understood that, then I started to get the acusing whispers when in instances saying how I was "always busy" and how he "talks when he runs all the time". Despite the fact it would be clearly listed where I was on the friends list and I knew he could see that if he so wished yet making it sound like I was lying about busy just to avoid talking to him. I dont know about you dear reader, but I personally take offence to somebdoy half assing a run to chat when they should be focused and as such I tend to not do it or bother people in those situation other than a casual greeting. This became almost a daily acusation which DID lead to me not wanting to talk to him at all in or out of busy time. Between that and his treatment of guildies and blatant disrespect for me when I made it clear I didnt want him in the guild if he was just gonna guild hope and he swears he wont just to do it a week or two later I have all but severed ties with this person and his ME snydrome.

Case 2: Tellmehow The Lazy and Carryme

This isnt so much one person as a consistant irritating trait that keeps coming up and annoys me to no end. They are the concept that the only reason other people play this game is to help them get what they want without the work.

Tellmehow The Lazy like to play 20 questions alot with people. Wants you to tell him where x of x is or whats a good place for z about 20 times a given day then the infomation into their own to miscommunicate to others and such. Tellmehow tends to group up with Carryme and they share a I want it now additude. I personally know one such person and through a blow up cause I got tired of his demanding demenor towards me not wanting to answer his questions or run his alts anymore since he was basically dead weight and sucked all the help out of me. Says a alot about a person if they can get so mad you dont wanna go out of your way that very moment to opena door or someting for them ont he other side of nowhere for something they have no need for with a key their lazy ass could get on their own in the first place or (my personal favorite) tell them they wouldnt care if they dropped dead because they were told the answer to the question they asked 50 times over the past few days but not the detailed way their lazy butts wanted because they were too lazy to take the 2 minutes needed to look it up themselves to see it was exactly like that person said.


Still a bit sore about that one but as with case one Ed has nothing more to do with this ME Syndrome sufferer and probably never will again.

ME syndrome is not always sever but is still none the less annoying to those being bothered by the afflicted. It gets old when you are busy and people insist you do what they want right that minute cause if you dont you hate them, Well then I hate you. I dont have to stop what the hell i am doing to be your servant. If you need it bad enough you will find somebody else or wait till I am done with whatever it was I was doing. Hell if you are polite about it. I might even speed up what I was doing or ask for a break so I can tend to your need. ME Syndrome will not get this nice Ed however. If I dont wanna talk your ear off or god forbid duel you or something right whe you want me to I must hate you enough to wish the plague upon you. Please if you think i give that much of a rat's fanny about you. you need to talk to the people I actually have long standing deep meaningful relationships with and see how I REALLY treat the people I dont like. Dont throw me your random invites cause you want me to do the killing for you didn't bother to ask me first. I have a tendancy to decline, tag and kill then walk away if you do. Blah blah blah I could go on for days but I will end it here. Learn to stop and say "maybe" to yourself in context the person you are pestering if you think you are suffering from ME syndrome. Make Azeroth a better place and just say "its not about me" once in a while. You might like yourself better if you do. Lord knows I will.-+

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