Friday, August 21, 2009

One Happy Edy!

Hunter news just broke.
  • Mana GONE! We will have focus now. NO MORE MANA BURN!
  • No more consumable ammo. IT'S AN ITEM!!!!!
Next up....
  • No more AP! AGI will give 2 points for us now so bugger off all your mail stealing plate wearing chumps
  • More stam all around.
  • no more ranks of skills they level with you.
  • Haste = more pushy of buttons.
And for my paladin side...
  • No more mp5. Spirit will do the job in some form or another.
  • No more SP, Int gives you that.

Lots of nice tasty things to look forward to.....I wish I could stop myself from posting but as a hunter I had to share.

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