Monday, August 10, 2009

An Edy Filled With Glee

So for once this break in posting has nothing to do with having nothing to do but more so excitement and busy-ness stemming from 3.2. For the past week I have been wrapped up in running the new 5 man and Ulduar attempts with friends as well as hardcore heroic farming I just haven't had the time to break and actually write anything. I am having a blast. Much more so than when 3.1 hit. So what is it that has me so happy?

Well I love the little things in the game. As much as I love PVE, I love to hunt down things for collecting more. First thing up I log in Wednesday and BAM I get my green proto-drake after months on months of getting the stupid oracle egg and hoping against hope it would drop. On top of that I have gotten the Argent warhorse from the tournament vendor (something nice about seeing Edy on what is basically a pally mount) and begun collecting the super adorable baby raptors that have sparked that "I must have" part of my mind that clicks when I see dangerously cute things.

Been having fun with my druids and their beautiful forms when I have had the change. Not too keen on having to get use to retadin again but thems the breaks. Surprised beastmastery buff was as good as its turned out to be. Its not the tops but by God it feels good to compete again in a spec I truly love.

Now I have done all this. Downed bosses I never thought I would. Grabbed gear for both my pally and hunter. Run myself tired with heroics and see no end in sight. One thing makes me giddy like a school girl with a new glamour magazine though. I mounted my netherwing drake to fly out to all this new goodness and what should my eyes see but my drake GLIDING. I am a simple woman of simple pleasures but damn if it doesn't feel weird that thats the thing I was most exited about patch day. I wasn't lying when I said the little things make me the happiest in this game.

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