Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The TRUE Power of the Forsaken

(A day in the thoughts of one Anne Gwish)

Surrounded again....nothing new there.


Theses silly wretches think that I will fall so easily?

*slash clang*

No matter how many come I will cut them down and feast on their corpses.


1...3...5...20. Its all the same to me.

*low health!!*

Hmm.....well this could prove troublesome. I seem to have run out of bandages....don't seem to be able to eat right now either....

No matter for now is the hour of the TRUE POWER of the forsaken. The greatest gift that any servant of our Dark Lady can receive the honor of gaining the knowledge to use.

The time has come.

Bow to the power of the almighty DUCK TAPE and tremble at its glory!!!

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