Monday, March 23, 2009


I would like to thank this ally for becoming my 10,000th kill. Sure you rolled in to the wrong place at the wrong time but that doesn't make this Edyion any less grateful. So thank you very very much again. Do I care you are probably pissed you got steamrolled? Not really but thank you for dying and not releasing :).

That being said the reason M.A.S. was out spreading our love to the allies was a really good friend of mine, Abbandon, came back from extended computer nursing and as per custom called for the annihilation of South Shore for hours and hours on end. Only fair after all the attacks we have been getting of late. Anyway as always with these things our party grew a bit large than the good folks in SS were willing to hang for and we began the ever lovely M.A.S. world tour eventually ending up in Honor Hold. Was a good night indeed.

Lastly I have these to share as well. Snuggles was a bit "randy" after all this excitement...

This druid shall remain nameless for his/her own well as my hoping I don't get any calls about cub support. Also as funny as this was what happened next made it all the better.


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