Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Anns

Once upon a time the sisters Edyion and Tytanya found a cow. Her name was Annodal and though she was merely a fresh, wet behind the horns druid, she took the call to arms the sisters presented her with and began to inch forward sowing her druidic slavation in the hopes of making their faith in her well founded.

Not long after the sisters met a fledgling warrior by the name of Annegwish. Anne is as mean as they come with a desire to beat the stuffing out of anything that can be hit. Small though she be she is a fierce as a wolf. If there is pain to be brough she will be the one to bring it. Needless to say Tytanya shows a fondness for this charge.

Ok ok that was fun but I will explain. Of late M.A.S. has been through a bit of a troubled time and though we have always needed tanks and heals we need them NOW more than ever. Annodal I had for a while but never really got into playing her cause she was just something to tinker around with, I am not fond of the size of taurens (specially taurens in bear suits)and I'd never played a druid. Now I have picked up leveling her to be a healer for M.A.S. and hopefully when she gets to 80 I can help releave a little of the stress on our 2 remaining healers. Annegwish is a much more recently rolled toon. Again I wanted to try a warrior and something about undead females and the way they fight is terribly amusing to me. I dont know why I rolled her at first but I think it would be fun to have her go the course and become a prot warrior. Again there is something terribly funny about undead females when they fight and its even MORE funny when they are getting the tar beat out of them tanking.

I probably wont talk much about them as I am having a pretty tough time keeping myself motivated to use them when I usually get called into active dps duty on Edy and Ty needs to be geared as is and really never get a chance to use her : /. Might be fun to keep you guys up on how the Anns are doing though.

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