Saturday, March 28, 2009

Karma Of Some Sort I Suppose......

I dunno what I did to have Ruru curse me with a tag but I have been, and as I am an insomnia I suppose I should get this out the way. While its cool as hell to get the recommendation and that somebody finds me worth enough to recommend me to others in such away IS flattering it the work I have to do in response to such an award I am not thrilled about. Ah well, suck it up Edy.

Don't expect me to do this often if ever again. I blame my inability to sleep and all the bastards that make these in the first place :).

That being said I would like to thank Ruhtra at Holy Shock for spending his auction house time reading my babblings when he could simply harrase me in game. It is rather moving to know that something I am saying is worth your attention other than my useless banter in guild chat. That said I suppose its time for me to pass on this Award to those I feel are worthy:

1. BigRedKitty: A hunter after my own heart, BRK is one of the first blogs I ever started reading. Funny guy with great hunter advice and tips. His blog is a hot spot and rightly so. I've gotten alot of my advice from his blog, definately worth checking out if you never have.

2.Temerity Jane: She amuses me greatly do I really need any other reason than that?

3. there is no 3

Yeah yeah yeah I am 5 short. I am also not very big into reading other blogs and all the others I could list are already tagged that I am aware of and I am too lazy to think of some way to fill the other spots. For all I know these 2 are as well but meh I likes em I think they kick the llama's ass and they haven't done the tag themselves so they are fair game in my book :).

With that out of the way lets move on to my 10 things you didnt know (or even care to know) about lil' ol' Edy:

1. My forth toe on my right foot is shorter than my pinky toe.

2. I have an addiction to sunflower seeds.

3. I played trumpet for 7 years and still pick it up on occasion.

4. I like the smell of tattoo ink.

5. I am able to name any Friday the 13, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street move by mere scene description.

6. I enjoy table top gaming and often take my dice out in memory of not being able to do it anymore.

7. I have a tattoo of the royal emblem from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time on my back and am damn proud of it.

8. I am a scuplter by schooling and actually do have some knowledge in how to weld.

9. I speak Japanese. Not fluently but I have a basic understanding of it.

10. I can't stand the smell of mustard or hot sauce. They make me physcally ill.

There I have answered my award calling and spilled many secrets....well I'd tell anybody this but nobody ever asks. Anyway I am finally sleepy. Enjoy your day, night, what ever the hell it is to you.

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