Thursday, March 26, 2009

Add-ons, Yah I Gotz Some - Part I

Its been an interesting week for me in game and as much as I would love to rant a hole in your eyes about its house drama and I wanna keep this a drama free zone for as long as possible. That said I will probably get a little lax in my posting just for not wanting to think with all the things on my table. Disclaimer fin.

That said this week hasn't been all insanity as I have been working on trying to improve my effectiveness on my hunter in particular. Now I have be come a bit of an add-on junkie of late though I am trying to reel myself in somewhat with my usage of them. But I have managed to come across a handful that make me wonder why the hell I never tried this before.

Now I'm not gonna start with my newer add-ons but rather my first add-ons I would have a hard time functioning without and work my way through:

FloTotemBar & FloAspectBar

Now these lil beauties I been using since a hunter friend pointed them out to me when I merely an infant in the lands of Azeroth. Now FloTotem is not souly a hunter add-on and is designed making for Shammies but the author was kind enough to build it with the ability to display hunter traps. FloAspects does the same thing with hunter aspects. These in combination free up alot of space for action bars and though I am sure there are ways around using them I would personally have a hard time adapting.

X-Perl UnitFrames

I always been a minimalist when it comes to how I have done my job on Edy and so far it worked for me but the last few weeks I have been thinking more about how I can be better. I'd never used unit frames of any sort and I am gonna be honest I tried this one just cause I liked the fact it made character portraits animated, but even with that silly a reason I love this add-on. Makes my life in raids so much easier being able to see the tanks when I am not in group with them for misdirects and helps me keep an eye on healers for when I have to use my Snuggs to OT for a minute if something gets on them or drop a trap till a tank can get to the healer. Pretty easy to set up how you want it as well.


Something I should have had a while go as I didn't even really use Blizzard's built in text for a while. Main reason I suggest this is for cool downs cause its nice to see an ability flash up when it ready rather than watching my action bars. I have enough to keep up with what with my pet running around gnawing his little heart out.


I got this yesterday after checking a few hunter blogs I follow and I'll be damned if it already isn't the best thing I have picked up since this add-on frenzy thing week. Took me a minute to work out how to use it but now that I know I don't have to worry about missing a Beastial Wrath cd or not knowing I was still in Aspect of the Viper cause the lovely flashies I have set up tell me that faster than I can look at my action bars and in the middle of a fight thats alot of time saved. I have yet to set it up for Ty but I am sure it will have the same effect for her as well and I definately recommend trying it out.


Speaking of Ty, I have only this one add-on to mention for her. Now I think any Paladin worth salt should have this add-on cause it just makes buffing that much easier. Its easy to set up. It registers what buffs other paladins in your group/raid have in theirs so you can adjust accordingly and the timers and alerts for unbuffed players just makes buffing for pallies that much less of a headache. Though thats all killed when you are running with a paladin that doesn't have it but yeah you cant win 'em all now can you?

OmenThreatMeter, Recount & DeadlyBossMods

These are add-ons I will mention just because they are add-ons I feel everybody that wants to PVE should have them. Every player should be fully aware of their own threat at any given time. They should also not be dependant on the raid lead or people in party to alert them when attacks are coming in a fight they need to be aware of. Also, lets just be honest Recount is a blessing and a curse. Though you should be fully aware how much damage you are doing it also leads to bone heads trying to top the charts and as such pulling unnessasary aggro from the tanks and hindering the over all dps of other players fully dps as they need to in order to allow the tanks to get aggro back. Don't be that guy.

I haven't bothered to link add-ons in this cause I have those listed on the side and you can just click em there (yeah I am lazy get over it). I also have many other add-ons I work with but those will come up another day. Untill then happy add-on hunting.

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  1. I don't use pally power, although I don't generally care if people whine a little their buffs are up.

    I do love omen - "yeah, the humungous red bar, thats me"