Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giggle Like a School Girl and various PTR thoughts.

First off I would like to welcome my partner in crime, the Harley Quinn to my Ivy, Eus to this blogging thing. You can find her here at The Suicidal Healer . I would also like to thank her husband, my guild leader, for his welcome at Holy Shock and yes chief you do put me through my paces but I have fun doing it... most of the time.

Well now that is out of the way I can get down to business. Now I could QQ about the changes coming down the grand 3.1 tunnel. I could complain about the coming removal Spiritual Attunement from trainers and being put deep in the prot pally tree thus returning our mana woes to the lowly retadin. I could moan about this, but I don't really care. Mana has never been a strong point for a ret. We got past it then we will now. I could also bitch about the nerf to Explosive wait....why would I complain about that? I think its needed. A nerf bat swing of a base damage reduction of 10% and attack power scaling of 12.5% might end up being alot but in all honesty I am tired of getting blasted in the back with one shot and it taking half my life. Am I just a bitter Beast Mastery hunter waiting to see another hunter tree feel the nerf wraith? Possibly. I however am not speaking as a jaded hunter right now. I came to terms with my tree's changes and could give you many a reason why I have remained a BM hunter in the face of the SV revolution, but that is a conversation for another time. No my friends there are more than enough blogs dealing with the Ghostcrawler should be strung up arguments. I have other things that make me excited about 3.1. Its not the Dual Spec, though admittedly I am beyond excited about that coming feature. It's not the coming buffs to the pet trees that make my 51 points to get the Beast Mastery talent oh so nice now. Its not even the changes to hunter ammo still being squared away though that does too make me giddy like a kid that just found a piece of candy in his pocket in the middle of class. No, the things that I wish to look at are the little changes that bring joy.

"What little things could those be Edy? How could anything be more important that the never ending news of buffs and nerfs and super buffs and super nerfs for my *insert random class here* ?" To that question I pose another. Do those make you giggle like a school girl? Yes I aware that a buff will make anybody giggle with glee, but I wanna clarify. Which would make you giggle till your face hurts more a slight change to your class that you wont notice once you get it though it looked GREAT on paper, or a lil' mecha gnome that will smash those annoying ass train sets for you and does a little shimmy? Personally the gnome wins hand down, but there could be something wrong with me. New loots make me giddy. New mounts get me hot. New small pets give me hours of running in circles watching them scrurry along side my mount with that new mount smell. Mounts that SWIM blow my mind. A new type of spirit beast makes me all tingly inside. The new Wind-up Train Wrecker makes me giggle like a lil school girl who just pushed a boy in the girls' room. So what my retadin wont be getting mana from being healed much longer. So what my hunter is still working through the bm growing pains and dealing with the ever present presure of trying to compete with the soon to be nerfed just as hard SV tree. There are foam swords to be had, specral tigers in sandbox form (sure they are from the trading cards but its something to shoot for) and even mounts to be fished. It's the little things that keep me going in the crazy ever-changing lands of Azeroth. So when you get the patch blues remember you can always just get a lil' mecha gnome to smash the crap out of that stupid train set pissing you off in your raid and embrace that lil school girl just begging to giggle ab0ut it.

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