Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Snuggle Love, Oh Ee Oh Ee Oh

Every hunter should, at least in my opinion, have a best friend. By best friend I refer to that one pet you just can't live your WoW life without. Mine is a is a lynx by the name of Snuggles. There are many that look like him and may even steal his name but there will only ever be one TRUE Snuggles. I tamed (more like I got maimed until he got tired and decided I probably had food) at level 10 just after completing my hunter quest and it was love at first kill. As I watched him gnaw the head off a dragonhawk I knew no other could replace him in my life, and from there we have traveled a long whinding path to 80.

Many called me crazy for keeping him. "You should release him and get another cat. Ooo ooo ooo get a rare one!" I would only smile and nod at their short sightedness. I would train my cat to be the killer I saw in his eyes. I would travel to the far ends of Azeroth and eventually Outland to learn various more power attacks from others but they would never last. Only Snuggles stood true as I allowed the others to slink back of into the wilderness, for Snuggles willingly died to protect me in the untamed wilds of Azeroth for a mere hug, a gentle pat on the head, and piece of meat or fish. He outlived me in bad instance pulls though he did his best to keep it from happening. He slowed allies as I ran for my little hunter life and even ate a few as I dealt death to their running friends.

There have been others. Other cats, boars, core hounds, chimeras, wolves, a gorilla and even a feared spider but none could take his place. Even now he shares me with his brothers and a sister, the ever famous and elusive spirit beast. Still in this Edy's heart Snuggles shall always reign king.

He doesn't do flashy tricks. He isn't built like a tank. He likes to chase night elf druids for some afternoon lovin'. He likes belly rubs when we have nothing to do. He likes it when I let him off the leash to gnaw on allies that have infested our little town of Tarren Mill. Snuggles has never let me down when I needed him and done everything I have asked. Often he is blamed by tanks but even that rolls off his back. There are many cats like him and some might share his name. There is only one Snuggle-butt though and he is mine and mine alone.

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  1. I can justify ol' Snugglebutt. He is a great kitty and him and Edy are an A+ team. But, you have to watch his intake of gnome bits and night elf nips. Sometimes, they don't agree with him. If you are a night elf druid, you better watch your back....that's Snugg's favorite piece of tail :)