Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Once There Was an Ed....

Hello to those of you that have happened to have the not so great luck to stumble upon this "mockery" of a blog. Ok, ok all joking aside I am pleased if anybody happens to come across this blog (otherwise I would just be talking to myself which would make me sad) and I thank you for taking the time to see what the hell it is I am rambling about.

First off this is a blog about my WoW life and as such I will try to keep my personal life out of it. For starters I am a GIRL. No not "Guy In Real Life" I am a honest to goodness female complete with breast and non dangly naughty bits. I have been a gamer since I first played Duck Hunt and Q-Bert on my older brother's Nintendo and I have no intentions of ever stopping. I am 25, and artist and suffer from many addictions other that the lovely World of Warcraft such as anime direct from Japan, Manga/Comic Books, and sunflower seeds. I was talked into Warcrack by some friends of mine in college which only served to prove my point that I would get addicted to this game the minute I started playing. Oh well the trap was set, I fell in, and I will never look back.

I play on the PVP server Daggerspine (US) and have fallen prey to the alt bug but I have 2 toons I mainly play: Edyion- my main a level 80 blood elf beast mastery hunter, and Tytanya - my level 80 ret-pally. They have a brother and other sisters but honestly I have little interest in playing any of those alts at the moment. I love my hunter above all and my pally comes in a close second so I enjoy keeping in peak form in the way I play them. I am also on the Executive Board for my guild and in general the one everybody pesters when our fearless leader isn't "present". I also have a few allies scattered around like on Blackhand, but they are on PVE servers that other friends of mine play on and use them to speak once in a while. I find PVE boring personally however. I was brought into the game in PVP and earned my stripes there. Really hard for me to not get bored without the ever present threat of alliance gang raping me as I mind my own business. Its part of the thrill.

I like raiding and I like PVP in spurts though its not my favorite thing in the world to do unless its world PVP and somebody is picking on lowbie MAS family. In which case I usually get summoned in a "Code Red" which usually means Edy drop what the hell you are doing get out here and come die...I mean pwn some face with your suicidal healers, k thanks. Yes this is where the name for my blog comes from and many an ally on d-spine camping 30s in Hillbrad should have learned by now if you see a MAS toon out there and you kill them there is a good chance I will be coming to cash that check you just wrote.

WoW isn't my first MMO. I played City of Heroes for a year before WoW and though I miss my kick ass hero I like my friends and stuff in WoW. With that I think that covers most of what I wanted to say. Again I bid you hello and stick around you might read something interesting :).

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  1. I like your blog, and I miss you guys. I was planning on showing up for the "meeting" saturday