Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Punting We Will Go

Late last night we in M.A.S. did some house cleaning in Tarren Mill, as we are often known to do, and schooled a few Alliance pricks that just can't have fun unless they are stopping people that can't defend themselves from playing. Rant for another time there but anywho lots of faces pwned and blood spilled on both sides. Came across this vid when I got up this morning and its just so bad ass and fit my mood SO well just had to post it. Personally have nothing against most gnomes but damn it its worth it to see so much gnome punting even with the ended Baron threw in there. Anyway enjoy.


  1. I enjoyed the gnome punting portion, but c'mon...... really a gnome is gonna do that? NEVER!


    It was amuzing to watch though.

  2. exactly what i i just keep watching the more "realistic" parts.